A conflict of laws textbook fell on my mate’s head, he’s in intensive care
Sir Woke XR Re… 14 Oct 21 16:25
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hope he pulls through but it looks a bit dicey

Sounds like he needs a Gee up, although he won't Thanki for that suggestion

See, when revising, people should make sure they’re clued up on privilege, then they’d passmore

God I had a serious crush on Grainne de Burca as a 19 year old. 

will he need an operation? NHS or private (if latter tell him to check his privileges). As Csider has discovered, anaesthetic can slow digestion and bung one up a bit. But after a day or two he should be able to pass more.. 

Whilst he's in hospital he might as well see a podiatrist and get any Bennions on his feet treated. 

Heh @ Buzz

were you wondering if she bangs like 40lb of Semtex in the back of a van ye dorty little fecker

Did someone leave the book where it was obvious that it Woodfall on his head?

Heh, I did not read this thread as I Benjamin out to some reggae for a few hours, but great stuff.

I hope he’s allWhite…Book

Ok I’ll get my coat 

Glad I didn't see it. I couldn't stand the Gore-Browne. 

thank goodness it didn't hit his balls else he may have had black stones

Sounds like an injury serious enough to end his Morris dancing career

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