A complaint about the lner trains

Without fail any clothes I put in the overhead bit arrive smelling of old weird vegetables


Have you considered - and stick with me here - not putting clothes up there?

Where else might one put them?

Answers to reflect the structure of an lner electric train.

Loose clothes?   Have you considered a suitcase or overnight bag?

Only Wellington will get this the rest of you Mondeo or Tube merchants can't understand the travails

the east coast main line has been shyte ever since the demise of gner 

Wtf? Buy a proper suitcase ffs.  There’s a Samsung thing that lets you hang and then has a three fold system which leaves them wrinkle (and dodgy fishy smell) free. 

Luggage racks at the end in each carriage, or between seats?

Emergency option is on your lap.

Mondeo!  How dare you.  First, I travel by train a lot (Virgin to Euston and Great Northern / Thameslink to Cambridge).  I'd never put clothes on the manky overhead thing.  Put them in a bag and on the rack.

I last drove a Mondeo when I was 17 and used to drive my boss's car home from the restaurant because he was always drunk.  More of a Merc / Audi man now.

Do they smell of old vegetables before or after you've worn them?

Just out of interest clergs, and entirely unconnected, are you still not in the habit of showering in the morning?

Yes I think this is like when you go round friends' houses and they smell weird. Your bag is giving your nose a break from their inherent stench, which then surprises you upon opening the bag.