Commuting - a new low

I was on the tube home this evening, and I was stuck in the doorway because this couple (you know the sort) were so in love (vom) they couldn't possibly let go of each other for a minute, let alone move down the carriage.  He had both arms round her waist, and this was clearly very tiring for him, so he RESTED HIS ARM ON MY HIP.

This has not happened to me before.  I was not amused.

Just had to get that (no, not him) off my chest.  Thanks for reading.

Lol!  Maybe they sensed your hatred of people coupled up and happier than you so they decided to rub some salt into the wound and treat you like a piece of furniture.


I don't hate people who are coupled up.  Who says they are happier than me?  Don't mistake my hatred of you for anything bigger than it is.