Common things you've never done

1. Been to a music festival;

2. Been to a gig which was any larger than a few hundred people in a pub.

What Marshall said re LoTR.  Ditto Harry Potter (also the books) and not for any JK reasons i should add.

Got a tattoo

Watched Star Wars, The Hobbit or any similar fantasy films

Been to any of the Balearics or Canaries

Owned a car just for its performance

similar to chuffy, watched any superhero flims apart from superman as a kid  They are killing proper cinema.

I just realized I have never rented a car. Unless you count the time when I paid for the use of my instructor's car for the driving test.

(I have to be honest; it was actually more than one time I had to do that ...)

i don't like gherkins and the sauce has lots of gherkin bits in it.  If you exclude McFlurrys, I've only had one McD in the past 20 years (flying from JFK during covid and the ONLY restaurant opened was McDs...).

Never changed a tyre

Never read Harry Potter books or seen the movies


What Pancakes said about McDonalds Big Mac.

Never driven on the right

Never been to a music festival (but am old)

Never been to Germany

Never worn earrings

TBF most people have never changed a tyre unless they work in a garage. They might have changed a wheel, though.

Never been asked by a cleaner for a pay rise.

Agnieszka*, bless her, in 10 years never asked for a penny more.  I headed that off by deciding unilaterally from time to time just to increase the cash I left out on a Monday morning.  Usually when I thought about how much happier she made my life.


* Name changed to protect innocent saintly Polish cleaner

Never been to Centre Parks

Never watched Strictly

Never seen an episode of Coronation St

Never placed a bet on a horse race


I have just taken up changing tyres.  It was getting costly and inconvenient constantly going down the road to the tyre man, and the first time, not possible as it was a Sunday.  I started with a an old tractor front tyre with a tube, easy to break the bead and then just a couple of crow bars to release it, very similar to a bike tyre. I’ve also now done a couple of car tyres, breaking the beads with a flypress,  but more recently a few lowish profile 12” trailer tyres which were much harder work and for which I had to make a special tool that would hold the rim firmly in a bench vice.  Even then, very difficult indeed, and the trick is to use several clamps to hold the bottom side in the well of the rim.  I got yet another puncture in the trailer yesterday and rather than use a tube I’ve just ordered a set of mushroom patches to repair the nail hole from the inside. On reflection it is probably easier just to pay the tyre man £10 per change/repair.

held knife like a pen

said “I’m alright thanks” when offered a drink

worn brown shoes with a blue suit 


I have also never got points, but only by doing a series of mind numbing courses every few years.

Wonckworth10 Aug 22 14:19



Illegal drugs and skiing.


Oh FFS. These are two of the most fantastically fun things anyone could do.

Sometimes I just want to weep for humanity.

One of the most reassuring things about rof is the regular nods to what is now a fairly obscure 1980s comedy.  I try to get at least one a month in myself tbh.