comfy flat but chic shoes

please could you recommend?


was wondering about Toms but the sizes are alll a bit iffy

Yes I recommend. Always spend just enough on your flat so it’s comfy but then go full on khunt style on shoes. 


Clergs is woman in comfortable shoes AICM year's subscription to the "We Live Together" arthouse website

Oh do fvck off. Heels are uncomfortable, there’s been a massive downturn generally in lots of women wearing them. Her question is very much with the zeitgeist. 

i just blew all my money on a pair of new trainers. I loves them.

They are either very expensive trainers, or you need some serious fiancial management advice

If you are after a sandal I have these and they are hands down the comfiest effing things I’ve ever worn,311/1858540105

if you’re going for closed toe I think the aim is to avoid the “lesbian shoes”(TM Mr TC - I give him a :| face). 

This style is always pretty classic,30/2582700078

or a scallop hem

(actually blue velvet have loads of reasonably priced v well flats)




Pretty Ballerinas has some nice stuff but I always think they are well overpriced

I like the fushia metallic ones (closed toe, not the open toed horrors).

these are lovely, thanks ladies!

I have purchased the tricky woo fuschia suggestion and will pick a couple more because I live in Scotland so suede is basically single use

ps thanks for calling my question of the zeitgeist, starrers *mwah*

Clergs I live in Superga. Even got married in them.

Haha that is an excellent recommendation! Which colour??

^^ Those are pretty good, but you'd have to be careful about crossing your legs....

I have always liked french sole - but the sizing is small so go one larger than you are. 

air and grace - but expensive. 

oo thanks, glassz!

four pairs have arrived today (all v comfy!!) so I may have to pretend they are notepads if i order any more

Why pretend they’re anything else? You earn your own cash, you spend it how you like, so own it!