Combating manspreading

Any chair which binds one's knees together sounds ****ing uncomfortable. 

because men don't manspread when they are sat next to other men

Sounds like the CBT chair from that Nine Inch Nails video...

God supes is there a feminist rofette you want to shag or why do you post such crap today?

I think manspreaders have too many column inches.



I appreciate the NIN reference, Badders. Keep up the good work.

What Supes said. It’s funny to watch the difference on the tube when a manspreader gets on.


I totally disagree.  Men be spreading all over my leg space, and I'm 6'4".  Some shit it and move over, others just plough on.

I think the type of man who manspreads also does it when sitting next to men... ...the difference being this normally leads to a tussle for space...'s similar to the situation where two men are wrestling each other a common armrest.

Manspreading is f*cking annoying... ...if you try and hold your personal space with your leg it's likely to be seen as flirting by the moron and if you give up part of your personal space to the Neanderthal to avoid confusion it's capitulation to the patriarchy!!  


So if a lady with a particularly prominent embonpoint can expect people not to ask her to flatten them to enable more space on tube carriage, why can't a gentleman expect a couple of inches extra so as comfortably to accommodate his manhood?

Traumatico, do you or do you not man spread when sat next to another man? It is a really simple question.

"why can't a gentleman expect a couple of inches extra so as comfortably to accommodate his manhood?"

Sorry, about your problem... ...but we're talking about the ones who appear to be accommodating a bowling ball.

Wondering how much of a problem this really is in iceland.  

Also, it is terribly unwoke to use neanderthal as an insult.

Wangster... ...I did work in London y'know.

In Iceland I'm desperate for any bodily contact.

the only time I hear anything about "manspreading" is from the raging rof gammons

is it a compensation thing?

desperate for bodily contact you say?  *paging strutter*

"Also, it is terribly unwoke to use neanderthal as an insult"

...I'll apologise to the next neanderthal I see.

i never manspread but that is probably due to my famously small testicles

Fluffy12 Jul 19 11:15

...I'll apologise to the next neanderthal I see.


I identify as neanderthal, Fluff. 

You didn't even ask. Shame on you.

Glas you liked the NIN reference, Shooty.  We care a lot...

When I am on public transport I enjoy solving this problem by hoicking up onto my lap my elderly briefcase with the unmoored sharp metal outer corner that I keep on not fixing. I like to do this in a clumsy and inattentive way that signals a clear risk of ripped trouserleg and hard-to-heal likely-to-get-infected flesh wound to anyone nearby.