Colleen Rooney v Rebekah Vardy

came across this randomly and now I am 



I guess they must do this to keep the press off their own backs

Does 2 factor authentication come as standard on Twitter? Just wondering if this is the new voicemail hacking? Would be great if Rebekah Brooks was all over it and finally got her just desserts.

Amazing all the twats beneath that seem to think Colleen Rooney is their friend. Never seen anything like it before.

Also the whole thing is a bit Daily Mash -  "Woman Who Puts All Information On Noticeboard Complains When Others Look At It". 

All I can see is people posting gifs. Where are those pretending to be her friend??

Tbf to her Bananaman it appears she has 2 Instagram accounts, one for public one for actual friends. It was the latter being fed to the press (the sun too)

check out the denial

"why would I need the money"

not so much the money as the sun saying ok fine if you give us stuff we won't write about your weird stuff

There's even 6ix9ine snitch meme stuff in the replies.

This is ace.

Actress, 1960s, played the Doctor's assistant in "The felching Of the Daleks". Was in original Bucks Fizz line up for 6 months.

Do you know NOTHING?

The excuse isn't that she's pregnant, it's that other people have the password to her account.  Given people have others posting on their account, that isn't unusual... and that does make it unclear who sold the secrets.

(me neither, in all honesty. Married to footballer Jamie Vardy. But I'm not a football fan, so that means fuck all too. I assume they're rather wealthy)

so the sorty is one footballer wife sold stories about another football wife to the sun,...


Is this not the least shocking thing that has ever happend? 


it's a lovely break from brexit and labour anti semitism

On the one hand, I, too, bemoan the fact that society has devolved to the state where such an innocuous and frankly unimportant post on social media warrants such excitement. Truly, the potential of the internet to enrich humanity has been squandered, and Twitter and Insta are the worst offenders. Mediocrity becomes celebrity, stupidity is worshipped, it's hard to see where it will all end.

On the other hand: Mate, this is totes hilarious LOL. Bit of escapism, innit?

Is Mrs Rooney launching a book for Christmas?

Or Mrs Vardy ? and thier PR teams have cooked this up?

fair doos - and the comments on twitter are Very funny. 

"it's .................... Rebekah Vardy's account


seems to acknowledge the possibility it was someone else which suggests to me some lawyerly advice may have been sought here...

Would be great if they could get the IP address for the device logging in. Hopefully in an office just above London Bridge station so we can say goodbye to The Sun as well. 

I absolutely love the exaggerated politeness of the tone of both women who are clearly thinking "you fucking cow" about the other 

Richard Osman is easily the most dislikeable comedian on tv

  Apart from russell Howard.


It made me heh that Colleen is now known as WAGatha Christie


"Rebekah vardy"


"colleen rooney"

"Jamie vardy"


tomorrow's front pages, nothing about Jolyon (not even  photo with him cut out of), just the battle of the wags


Proof if it were needed that everyone loves a wags to witches story.

Hercoleen Poirot - Murder on Leighton Orient Express

The best meme i've seen on Twitter about this had the caption:  Ms Vardy, you are now under investigation but have the right to be interviewed by a WAG at least two ranks senior to you. 

Proof, were it needed, that everyone needs a break from Brexit headlines.

The Sun have featured a new columnist recently, "The Secret WAG".  Now i wonder who that might have be...

And if it is RV, the column's recent gushing tribute to Mrs Rooney as the kindest of all the WAGS is now even more snakey. 

well this was the most exciting non-brexity part of the day until I left the house to find a closed film set with a load of security goons TRESPASSING all over the estate and a whole load of GET ORF MY LAND to Krept and Konan and their video producers. People have not been able to get to their horses and builders have been blocked in and I have been given the most BURNY insult by the nasty little queen director

a krept and konan video and it's way too good to repeat. cuts. one of the shits drove at me and knocked me with his car as well. nox bulbs a gogo

With thanks to the internet 


“No wonder Wayne Rooney has been caught every time he rides another woman. He is married to fucking Ds Arnott”

Escaped09 Oct 19 16:11

a krept and konan video and it's way too good to repeat. cuts. one of the shits drove at me and knocked me with his car as well. nox bulbs a gogo


Once more, in English? 

Probably Rebekah. They are both rough as, but Coleen looks like the 'lie back and thing of England' type whereas Rebekah looks like she would do nasty things.