Coke Zero vs Diet Coke

I bought some coke zero this week as it was on offer and diet coke wasn't.  Never again, it tastes vile! 

Might help wean me off the stuff though, every cloud and all that

Coke zero sucks

Often think of a liar who claimed to work for coca cola and know that the recipe was identical


CZ and DC taste very different - I'm surprised how different they are, tbh.  It's a matter of personal preference ofc, but I much prefer DC.  

Coke zero is much closer to full fat coke in taste than diet coke.  They are all pretty rank tbh but I had to drink one it would be coke zero. 

anyone who drinks diet coke for a long time tends to find full coke too sweet, coke zero tries to taste as much like full coke as possible.  I find it too sweet and somehow flatter tasting.

odd, I find them identical - or at least I couldn't tell the difference in a blind test.  But then I almost certainly could not tell between Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max and either of the Cokes 

I'm told that zero is made to taste how they would have liked diet to be of they had that sweetener available when they first made diet 

That is simply not the case  Jamie, they obviously taste different and have different ingredients.

I find DC sweeter and it tastes less like the real thing.

I've accidentally drunk cherry zero and it was fvcking rank.

I can even tell the difference between the different kinds of packaging.  Coke from a glass bottle tastes like nothing else.

Diet coke tastes of nothing much.  Coke Zero, a slightly sweeter nothing taste.  Pepsi Max mmm - Cherry Pepsi Max I am addicted to.  Pepsi is far sweeter.

agree with sails that coke tastes different out of one of those elegant glass bottles, especially when drunk outside a seaside bar on the med.

absolutely massive LOL @ “they are identical”

they taste completely different u gaslightah

Coke does taste better out of glass bottles.  No idea why - maybe there is a metallic aftertaste when it comes out of the cans.  I'd say glass bottles best, then plastic bottles, then finally cans.  

I've just bought a diet coke (caffeine free) to test. It's not as bad as I remember. Just a bit sweetener-y. Have they changed the recipe in the last 30 years or so? 

Coke Zero is massively better than DC which is rank

another vote for cherry Coke Zero. Tastes a bit like Dr Pepper. Cherry Pepsi max on the other hand tastes like cough mixture. Grim.

I had a Coke from a glass bottle whist getting a haircut a few days ago, it's so much nicer from glass than metal.