Coffee - wots de big idea?

All these queues for takeaway coffee  - why are people so obsessed with coffee?  I always wonder this but even more so now.

I mean its ok, but paying £3 for a hot drink you have to queue in the cold for and then drink outside seems totally mental to me.

Just get a decent machine takeaway coffee is the biggest con out there. 

Perhaps it's to provide a reason for getting out and giving yourself freedom from your gilded prison?

I agree that going out just to get takeaway coffee when you can achieve pretty much the same effect in your own home with a basic Nespresso machine is a bit pointless. I do get the feeling of freedom it gives you, though. I remember when Pret first opened again for takeaway coffee during LD1, buying my first latte felt like the most wonderful piece of normality had returned to my life.

What YOTP said; with nearly everything else closed in lockdown it's a good excuse to get out of the house.

those who think a nespresso from a home machine is anything like a decent barista coffee must have covid

see OD you might be right but for me coffee is just coffee really, some marginally better than others but really just a hot drink.  Just cant get excited about it, always a bit of let down because doesn't taste as good as it smells

I actually think that Nespresso coffee is pretty close to what you would get in a coffee shop, but what I don't get is people who go to a coffee shop and pay £3 or whatever for tea. I mean, really? It is literally exactly the same as you would make at home - tea bag in hot water. There's nothing at all magic or special about tea from a coffee shop.

Imagine the margins for Starbucks/Costa etc. on selling tea.....

The margin on coffee won’t be so different perhaps 30p to £3 plays 5 p to £2

I think I'm allergic to coffee. 

I'm beyond gutted. When working in the office, I would have one before work, then maybe 4 or 5 over the course of the day. 

It... didn't agree with my stomach. Let's leave it at that, shall we? Messy.

So I've cut it out. At the moment I'm sipping a lemon and ginger fruit monstrosity. I had a cup of decaf tea for breakfast (actually quite nice) and since cutting caffeine, my stomach has been behaving itself.

I'd previously wondered if it was bread, cheese or chilli peppers*, but cutting them did nothing. 

Sad times, m1s.

Does anyone else get that with caffeine? 

*it's possible that any sensitivity to caffeine may have been caused by a decade of ghost chillis, Blair's Death sauces, etc. 

Largely what Guy said.  Smells amazing but tastes so amazingly awful.

I'd go to a coffee shop for a proper hot chocolate meaning either chocolate melted into milk or hot milk added to chocolate syrup.  Always so disappointed when I order a hot chocolate and find it's chocolate powder with hot water which is just wrong.

Shootette got a hotel chocolate velvetiser hot chocolate maker thing for xmas.

It's rather good, I'm told.

Given that I'm also avoiding milk, I wouldn't know :(

All these queues for takeaway coffee  - why are people so obsessed with coffee?  I always wonder this but even more so now.

I mean its ok, but paying £3 for a hot drink you have to queue in the cold for and then drink outside seems totally mental to me.

You're clearly just a Russian bot working for a sinister cabal of big tea interests.

When I want hot chocolate I buy some Chocomel and heat it up. Glorious.

I used to like getting one in the morning.  Kind of a reward for getting my fat arse up, getting the kids to school, commuting.  Particularly on a cold day.

Used a cafetiere in the office, but the first one without the faff was nice.  That was worth a few quid.


Our £20 filter coffee machine is one of the best things we ever bought 

I love how when you pour a cup before it has fully percolated it carries on dripping on to the hot plate below with a hiss, and I pretend I am a waitress in an American dinner 

That said if people want to get a coffee and go for a walk they absolutely should 

Got to get their 2Es in

Grab the 2E by its hindquarters 

Thrust violently into the 2E

Hear its whimpers and groans

Toss the 2E aside like a rag doll when finished with it

I hardly ever get a takeaway coffee these days as I drive to the office and it's on a business park, so I agree Guy, but when you are in the habit of it it's really nice. Used to look forward to going to certain courts depending on the quality of nearby coffee houses. Brighton was a favourite.

Can't have any more than one normal coffee a day these days. Have to have decaff. Such a bummer as I used to have at least 5 or 6 a day.

I don't drink coffee and I have yet to come across a single shop that knows how to make a cup of tea (or a proper hot chocolate tbf) so I don't frequent them that often

but I can imagine the attraction of giving you something to do, and also the reduced faff of someone else making your half fat half foam macciato with an extra shot or whatever

At home I just use a Hario V60 filter to make coffee. Got it free with a bag of coffee, pretty easy to use and makes good coffee

I really want one of those shiny chrome thousand-quid ones so I can pretend I am a barista, tamping down the coffee in the little scoop, hissing steam through the spout and wiping it with a cloth afterwards.

Can't really justify the expense though.

Honestly get a 20 quid filter machine and a frilly pinny. You'll love it 

Proboner I came close to buying another espresso machine (I had one years ago) but then I remembered how much faff they are and could not be bothered

Agreed re the faff. My father in law has a bean-to-cup machine and it is an absolute faff, requires constant cleaning, adjusting, knob twiddling and so on.

I do like my Nespresso latissimo - makes a jolly nice latte and is fairly low maintenance.

to completely get the coffee shop experience you also have to get some paper cups and misspell your own name*

*I have no idea if this is still a thing

Shooty you're not the only one. Doesnt happen all the time but usually the first one of the day can lead to a sudden urge to use the facilities. And by sudden I do mean sudden.

I love going for coffee. only drink instant piss at home or tea. 

Current outing with nob is hot choc for me and babyccino for him.

went to my fave coffee shop this morning on the other side of the hill. It’s a 50 minute round trip on foot so perfect to stretch the legs and I can’t walk without a purpose feel so depressed and lockdowny and end is nigh but going for a walk to get a coffee a coffee to see the staff (pre covid I used to do my work there every day so know everyone) gives me a real lift in an otherwise properly shit time