Coffee Cultures
Obadiah Hakeswill 25 Sep 20 09:04
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Which of the following countries do you reckon has the best coffee culture:

- America: Gallon of weak black or very sugary, milky coffee / ordered at drive through and drunk in car on way to work 

- Australia: 'Latte art' coffee / drunk in hipster-ish coffee shop while considering cold brew techniques

- Sweden/Denmark: 'European' styles of coffee / Drunk alongside pastries in a manner befitting fika/hugge

- Italy: Short and sweet coffee / necked at a bar 

- Turkey: Thick, strong, gritty coffee / savoured in a coffee shop / accompanied by tobacco

- Vietnam: with condensed milk and ice; with yoghurt; or in egg coffee form, drunk on the street or indoors in a place decorated like post War SGN, or colonial times, etc where you can take your time over it and no one hassles you to leave or buy another drink even if you stay there the whole day.

You are being unfair to the US. Yes brown watery drip is out there in great quantities and Starbucks is awful, but they are also home to some of the operators and roasters. 

Latte art I really don't have any time for.

European styles of coffee as you put it really just comes down to drinking decent black coffee with your pastry (something I am a fan of).

Sweden/Denmark for me. Preferably with some sort of cinnamon roll.

italy and turkey. albeit at home I have Nescafé as I can't be arsed buying and maintaining an espresso machine

have never understood the appeal of turkish coffee. presumably you just leave the bottom third in the cup?

Ethiopia has some A-game coffee apparently.

vietnamese coffee is way overrated because they use almost exclusively,  shitty robusta beans 

Australia or Italy for me.




CHill that is the way. Never drain a cup of Turkish coffee, you are expected to leave the last of it in the cup along with the grits.

Italy with a bit of Turk for occasional fun

Clyde, I prefer my coffee sweet, so can't tell the difference between robusta and arabica. (Just that robusta will keep me awake for three days straight.) But the last time I was there, they had mixes of both types, and 100% arabica is available in cities. They also have Ethiopian coffee in SgN as well, but again, it made no impression on me on its own.

I like espresso with a glass of water - whatever national style that is

Guy that is very much Italian and is a great way for a quick coffee pick me up.

Generally I drink black drip coffee made with a hario or I use an aeropress. Both styles are kind of American. The Aeropress was invented by the same guy as the Aerobie frisbee ring thing.

We like thon Nescafé Gold Blend, with abar a third milk and one of thon wee cream buns to taste my mouth. 

The best coffee I've ever had was in Italy. It's amazing, anywhere I went espresso or capuccino where far better than anything I had anywhere else. To this day I believe that you can have extremly good coffee basically anywhere. Even your automaton coffee was better than some fresh brewn stuff I had here.

Italy definitely consistently the best. Works say that pretty much everything they are famous for is espresso based. 

9 / 10 times the coffee is Italy is undrinkable. The only European country with worse coffee is France.

Spain generally has the best coffee (if you're prepared to run the risk of food poisoning while eating out there)

Australian coffee "culture" is an absolute wankfest of the highest order. I reckon I drink less coffee so ce I've moved here because I can't be doing with the pretentious tattooed twats who think they are gods just because they have mastered the art of making piss weak coffee that tastes of bench cleaner.

Australia introduced the flat white into the UK, which is definitely the best coffee other than a long macch, so you can fuck off Alan.

Yeah, if you like flat whites then o guess it's done the UK a favour. 

I like my coffee to taste of coffee so flat whites don't really do it for me. 

Australia’s coffee culture is becoming a bit exhausting and ott. However, its intolerance of bad quality coffee is excellent (remember this is the country that drove our Starbucks when they tried to get established there). I have fond memories of my daily long macchiato at university, which is a coffee is rarely attempt to drink in the U.K. as would almost certainly be bad.  

necking an espresso at the bar in Italy while you try to figure out whether the scruffy old men at the counter next to you are sex pests or jovial Italians is one of the great joys of bella italia  

I love a cinnamon or cardamom bun but haven’t ever found Nordic coffee itself much to write home about 

Turkish coffee is rank 

I actually don’t mind American filter coffee, although I think of it as a different drink altogether.  



I am pretty sure flat whites have a coffee flavour.

I am not normally a fan of espresso as I prefer a longer drink and too often they just taste harsh and bitter. Exception was in Italy where I could actually taste a pleasant  full coffee flavour and could understand why you might drink it out of choice.

Irish coffee.

Or as the Italians and Spanish sometimes drink it, with brandy in it.

Italy I think

coffee is well integr8d into their general culture

Italy obviously has the best coffee (although Greece gets an honourable mention for their frozen coffee). 

Australians are complete pillocks about coffee (although a flat white probably is the pick of the milky coffees)

I really don't know why aussies wank coffee so much. It's not even like coffee's that good there.

Turkish coffee is ace.

Colombian coffee was pretty disappointing - saw a street vendor making it with a jar of instant. Most people seem to go to Starbucks or Juan Valdez.

spanish culture for me - cafe con leche with a pastry. Will move there eventually 

Coffee becoming a thing is fucking annoying for us old school coffee pricks.

I've ground by own daily for the last twenty years, always made the same way; V60 filter or in a Chemex. Black, no sugar, like a man. Served in a plain white porcelain mug, with the right thin handle. When living in London I would always buy my beans from Higgins on Duke Street. Typically 250g bags of their Galapagos San Cristobal beans as favoured by HRHTQ. Expensive, but averaged out at about the same as buying a couple of £3 takeaway coffees each day.

Now though every cunt and their dog is into it, like wine and sourdough bread and all that artisanal shite. It's not fair, coffee was always something I could reliably consider was my own personal wank vice. 

Last week a 'friend' asked me if I'd let the water cool down enough before pouring. In my house! The fucking dirty clunge. That used to be a secret only shared between us utter caffeine fannies, now everyone knows about it.

Fuck off everyone. Find your own fucking middle class queef hobby.


Sozz, Tromb, but the secret about letting the water cool down is broadly known outside the UK.  It's those flithy forrins that have been infiltrating our country with their knowledge and shit.

Laz, you were considering moving to Perth once, and you support TeamSane.  Your judgement is irredeemably tainted.

Wish I had moved to Perth, tbh. Team Sane is obviously the way to go, and is drawing converts left right and centre. Speaking of coffee cultures - albeit shit ones - 75% of the French oppose any further lockdown.

Team Sane isn't drawing converts from anywhere.  Plenty of people have been questioning government policy, but that is nowhere near the same thing.

Turkish for me. 

We have a Turkish cafe in the village.

You could stand a spoon up in their special coffee. Dollapat would love it.