Cobra Kai
Wang's Upon a Time 10 Sep 20 13:02
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Who was it who rec'd this the other day?

I need to send u an invoice for my time.

FCKNG luv it

So is it good or bad?

do you mean that they can invoice you?

pls clarify

You’re welcome

”my mum says I’m on the spectrum”

”I don’t know what that is, but you need to get off it”

It’s absolutely amazing 

John kreese is one evil mother fucker

It's awesome Hotnow.  Are you hard of reading?

Hard of reading reads like a readers' husband name from a 1998 copy of Fiesta.

tbf, you said you fucking loved it, but you also want to charge someone for watching it (which implied it's a chore).  On balance, it was clear enough that it's good and it's on the list for me.

"sensei, is there any particular way you want me to clean these windows?"

"nah, i don't give a shit."



I loved it, oh the nostalgia....did it on two fats when off after seeing it rec’d here.

Watched first episode tonight, could not stop laughing.  Love it 

smashed a load last night

and a few episodes of Cobra Kai

Watched about half of it. I love it but about 4 episodes in the Mrs dropped the bombshell that she's never seen Karate Kid. So, we've stopped watching Cobra Kai to watch Karate Kid. Which is still as awesome as it ever was. 

tbf pinkus there are so many flashbacks she'll have got the gist by keeping watching

I binged until about 2am.  Love the return of the bad sensei.  And the bit with the hand rubbing was genius at the end of season 1.  

Hoping the Mrs goes out so I can finish season 2 this arvo.

I'm on S1 Ep7. It's epic. Even my wife likes it.

What is all this "even"? Fgs we grew up in the 80s too!

Yeh but girls were too busy watching never ending story and the princess bride 

The only thing missing was Joe Espisito. 

...I'm the best arou...I mean, you're the best around.

I am loving it but not sure why - part of me thinks it is utterly shyte but can’t stop grinning watching it - possibly the most successful tight rope walk between parody and genuine drama I have seen 

No doubt jumping the shark 

 but Cobra Kai, that's a bad ass name for a dojo.

Also a big fan. Just started season 2.

Does anyone else feel guilty about thinking that Sam LaRusso is attractive?

Also like the fact that “the good guy” is a bit of a dick 

wot guy said @11.30, I'm not sure if it is genius or they just got lucky

She would have been around 16 when first series filmed so you be the judge...

Fair play, was looking at characters age...,crack on

16 year olds are rarely played by 16 year olds, mostly to get around the cost of restrictions on child working hours/teaching 

Also so old men don't feel quite so dirty I expect 

Also because women in their early to mid 20s can usually look 16 but will have more proven acting experience 

Watched about half the first series. I'm hoping Daniel's son gets a smack in the chops. 

Has anyone seen the original films 2 and 3? Are they any good?

Can't remember 3

2 has the best movie power ballad of all time 

As a kid I was very disappointed by the sequels.

I'm enjoying Cobra Kai.

Could Karate Kid be interpreted as a metaphor for the Vietnam War?

Glory of Love, Linda? Not sure about that

3 is the one with Terry Silver

The post championships scene where bad sensei attacks Johnny is in 2 not 1.  I may have a karate kid fest this weekend 

that sounds like something that will get you kicked out of the Dojo

Totally playing Glory of Love on my drive home. Choooon. Then Linda and I are well known for a love of cheesy karaoke ballads and cheesy 80s movies, so this agreement is v unsurprising! 

OI, wang! 
I am reliably informed that this show is the most popular thing in the residents’ lounge of the Priory. Just saying. 

They only have one telly at the priory?

Ffs everyone gets their own telly in an nhs ward!

No wonder those cvnt's keep going bust

I think it's a conversion of st Paul homage Guy


Is series 3 out yet?

Ps it will totes have the shue in it

Shue is currently starring the the Boys on Amazon, she is still hot AF

Best bits of the series are all of Johnny's flashbacks using actual footage where Daniel is absolutely the bad guy in his eyes.

Can't remember 3

It was on ITV at the weekend and I had it on guiltily in the background.  Definitely up there in terms of the most absurd and ridiculous plots / revenge plans I can recall. 

I mean a supposed millionaire patron of the old dojo embarks on an elaborate and expensive plan so he can bruise the karate kids knuckles and eventually force him to defend his title so some bad boy karate expert punches him like 3 or 4 times in the space of 3 minutes?

It is unsurprising there was no Karate Kid 4.

I see the exec producer of the series is will Smith.  Have never seen his remake, is it totally ballbag?

Jaden Smith in the lead role and he doesn't learn karate, what do you think Wang?

Finished watching this.  It was ace.

I think I may have a Cobra Kai car.. (not a Challenger but the next best thing.. and in the colours!)

Heh.  My t-shirt arrived this morning and three random middle aged men stopped me on the high st to say how cool it was.

It was only about £8 dude, you can probably treat yourself and forgo 1.25 pints this week

Series 2 is a bit shite. That bit in the cement truck was utter crap.

1. It was a very long, level cylinder inside, cement trucks are tapered and point up at the back.

2. Cement trucks have a large spiral screw inside to agitate the concrete. This was missing. 

3. concrete is exothermic as it cures. Those kids should have started to fucking cook. 



The promo for season 3 makes it look good.  Looks like Daniel is going to Okinawa

This is so much fun. It’s bad but in a good way. Only on series 1 but loving it so far.

Watched some of season 1. I liked it but wife thought it was more of a childrens program.

I’m finding Larusso’s wife bloody annoying. Also, you would think Larusso himself would have had a heads up that there was karate involved and so he could have beefed up even a little for the role. That said, it’s bloomin ace. 

She is abar 25 year younger than him and only abar 10 year older than the daughter

ralph macchio is older than thon terry silver guy