CNN Debate

Who is watching, and what are your predictions? I think it will be dull with the format. I’ll probably stay up for a part of it. I predict Trump won’t use the “fake tapper” moniker, and Biden will do better than expected.

I really really really hope it is like that episode of Father ted where the old priests are having a football match and they're basically just wandering around confused doing random things

Guy: the Biden team demanded it was this early due to fear of ongoing cognitive decline

As the debate has been formatted to Biden’s wishes (no interrupting and no audience), it’s a democrat moderator (cnn) and he had a private visit from the White House doctor on Air Force one, I’m sure Biden will ‘win’


Biden looks like he was driven there straight from the care home and the drugs haven't kicked in yet. 

Betting odds on biden lengthening massively right now

Biden making a number of mistakes, but does better when he gets passionate about things. He does seem to have the facts when he has time to clarify what to say, so I don’t think he’s senile, but this format is toxic for him and he’s flailing. 

Trump just spouting right wing conspiracy theories, but confidently. Will keep a lot of his supporters onside. 

It’s basically what everyone expected isn’t it? What an embarrassment for America. 

Yep - no substance to what Trump says when he does answer the question that was asked (which isn’t often) and Biden looks and sounds very, very frail. His voice is raspier and harder to understand  than normal…..almost mumbling in parts. 

Trump’s Dr Feelgood must be on a massive win bonus. Wired to the gills But jiminy the lies. Any more of this, and it’s all over for the US. Biden so raspy compared to the SOTU, something obvs has happened. And that’s just from watching the first 10 minutes on catchup. 

But the lies. 

Since they both showed us that they’re exactly who we thought they were going into this debate, will this change anything? I doubt it. Moderates will see that Trump is a less frail looking BS artist who has no substance and that Biden looks like he should be in a nursing home but still has more integrity than his convicted felon opponent.

“I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence, and I don’t think he did, either,” Trump quipped after another Biden response. That line may have summed up the night.

Guess I called it

well, stopped clock Dalek is right that one reassurance is that if Biden were to become incapacitated during his inevitable and locked in second presidency, the excellent and worthy Kamala Harris would lead America, whereas in the equally unlikely prognosis that were Trump to win an unlikely second presidency he would fall victim to his advanced age and inferior physical condition, we’d get whatever absolute corrupt and incompetent mug he picks (when he finally gets round to it).

I don’t get why democrats don’t think a younger middle of the road candidate wouldn’t beat trump. I think a half decent 50 year old democrat would win easily 

it's game over.  Joe was terrible.  His decline appears to have accelerated like my dad did at his age.  

Over the next couple of months and as a direct result of last night, you'll see the corporate money flowing to Trump.

Folks, buckle up, this is going to be a horror show for the next 5 years.

I think biden is probably too old and trump is definitely mentally and morally unfit for office 

So if dems get a new candidate, it's over for trump and more delicious right wing tears 


“I don’t get why democrats don’t think a younger middle of the road candidate wouldn’t beat trump”

They do, but it doesn’t matter - Biden is the man in possession of the shirt, and like Harry Kane he’s undroppable

Eddie2Shoes28 Jun 24 07:32

Folks, buckle up, this is going to be a horror show for the next 5 years.


yeah, but at least we won't have a desperate Tory party in the UK selling the NHS to Trump Co just so they can have 1 day headline of "US Trade Deal achieved"

I tthink the problem is that all the potential democrat ooptions are minorities (and way more than half way decent), I think that, in the current climate, the prevailing wisdom is that no way is a minority candidate getting eelected again.

It is so frustrating that biden fooked things so badly last night, apparently missing even the widest most open goals. 

The only hope for now is that it doesnt move the needle much for either candidate, as it would have just reinforced what both sides have said about each other - biden is old and frail, trump is a bombastic liar who wwouldn't know the truth if it slapped him around the face.

Now its up to the dems to come out fighting, i just hope they've learned a little from the republican  / trumpers: never apologise, never explain, at least about biden's performance last nright.

This is insanity the democrats are now implicit in another Trump presidency by putting up a doddering old man who clearly should be seeing out his days in the garden with his family make him stand down on medical grounds FFS

They have to change candidates. Run Harris. Find a working class catholic to run as VP and hope for the best. Get on the phone to the liberal billionaires and tell them this is their once in a lifetime chance save democracy and then use the money to fight dirty as hell. 

Well Donny they’ll just have to own it, and they already are. But if anyone needed reminding of how much shit Trump spouts, here it was. A cunningly calibrated tsunami of sewage. UK waterways have less poo in them. 

So the first task is to fact check Trump line by line and get that out on the socials. 

Then quote Biden on his record alongside the stats. 

And as the Msnbc guy said, murca will come back from 4 July weekend to trump’s sentencing hearing. 

Drill down into the polls. Half of them are garbage. Garbage sample, garbage questions, garbage admin. 

Lawyers of any substance at all need to pay attention to the detail of this contest not the hot air. 

If he is like this now what is he going to be like in four years time??  Every single democrat big wig and  advisor that cares for him or the country or indeed the world  needs to demand  that he stands down - work in his wife if need be.

Donny Darko's Soundrack28 Jun 24 07:51

They have to change candidates.


they won't, unless Biden actually snuffs it


I guess we know who Dalek is going to be gleefully meatshielding while proclaiming he is not a Republican for for the next 5 years

Joe 'Old Timers' Biden will not serve another four months let alone years as president.

On the outside chance that the Democrats win, both Biden and Harris will be replaced.

Guy Crouchback28 Jun 24 07:59

Sumo when you say they won’t after that performance you are implying they are all intensely stupid - why are you so sure of that?


  • if Biden himself won't accept it and I imagine he believes himself that he is fine then I do not know how you eject him
  • there is no obvious alternative - a lot of people are kicking around Newsom but I suspect that any democrat with a decent shot will keep their powder dry for a sort of Starmeresq free run at the wreckage trump leaves in 5 years
  • I think they will calm down, or start kidding themselves that it wasn't actually that bad and incumbents do badly in their first debates etc 
  • I don't believe the democrats (I don't follow them much so might be wrong) are well organised 

that's kind of why I think he'll limp on

I didn't watch, it's pretty pointless nonsense but from the observers Trump himself was hardly a model of coherence. He was a firehouse of insults, unsupported assertions, and sentence fragments that didn’t quite parse. 

he's what? 3 years younger than Biden? 

But he has energy that Biden doesn't and even several european diplomatic sources were saying "we may not like what Trump says, but at least we can understand what he says".

Let’s bookmark this Sumo - the nomination convention has not yet taken place I know the delegates are pledged but if Biden is persuaded to stand down the mechanism is there to choose somebody else.  I know Biden has to choose to stand down but if sufficient pressure from his own circle is applied obviously he will - even the creatures Johnson and Truss did.

okay so at least we know Newsome panics the hard frother republicans

@Eeyore - I completely agree running Biden was stupid, keeping Biden is stupid, going to election with Biden will be stupid - but I don't see an easy way, that a fractious deluded centre right party like the democrats could easily agree on. Kind of Biden is the path of least resistance. Expect to hear a lot "Biden is the only person to have beaten Trump". 

Guy Crouchback28 Jun 24 08:22

Let’s bookmark this Sumo


let's fcuking turn the hopium up to 11 that I am wrong (which I could be, I'm not much of an America watcher)

The fact Harris is the VP pick just makes things worse at this point. Someone else would have to be promoted over her. She's like some kind of poison pill clause against a takeover

Bertha28 Jun 24 08:29

And if shouldn’t need repeating, but this affects all of us. Nazis don’t go away just because you laugh at them. 


I'll stick with Mel Brooks on this 

Fancy falling so far into the self loathing centrist dad rabbit hole that thinking having an approach of ‘make (my country) great again’ is evil.  True world government citizens of nowhere elite types 

"Risky = stopped clock at 8.01 here"

Agree. The very real possibility of a moronic, isolationist, climate change denying and quasi fascist President in the world's most powerful democracy at a time of almost unparalleled geo political uncertainty is as nothing compared to the fact that I find myself actually agreeing with some of Risky's posts here. 

Didn't watch the debate but someone posted some footage on a WhatsApp group where they appear to be arguing about their golf handicaps and weight?  Is it an AI parody is it real?

Christ. Like Guy said, if he's like this now imagine what he'd be like in four years time. 

Think the Democrats have the dual problem of both convincing Biden to step aside, and convincing Kamala Harris not to stand. 

I have no particular love for Biden but this was mostly just sad. 

You can see lots of videos of Biden from like the 1970s to the 90s and he actually used to have presence and charisma and was on the ball. I mean - he was a senator in his 30s. But this is just a shell of what he was. 

Even worse when you consider this is him at his absolute best for an important occasion after a week’s rest and prep at Camp David. What is he like most of the time when he is actually running the country and making decisions?

Dalek28 Jun 24 08:57

True world government citizens of nowhere elite types 


says the guy sitting in Jersey frantically trying to impose his constantly rejected dead ideology on various countries he is gleefully non resident in 

good to see you have finally committed to back Victor Orban's EU presidency though

Not sure why you think I’d be having a meltdown. 

I don’t like Biden. I just hate Trump.

Biden’s performance or lack thereof has zero bearing on Trump being a khunt. 

TBH this was coming and I never understood the whining at Risky when he pointed out that this guy is over the hill. They've walked straight into the trap the Republicans set for them - not talking about anything except his cognitive function. 

The Democrats are like Momentum with Corbyn. Hopefully a Starmer turns up to play them like a fiddle as well as their political opponents.