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Ladies, I live in the middle of nowhere and fashion is basically RM Williams.

What are your current go-to brands for workwear?  Particularly dresses and trousers.  


Heh.  I've got a 20 years old RM Williams oiled cotton drover's coat in our cloakroom (ie the downstairs dunny).  'Zzette fooking hates it.  It's falling apart but it gets binned over my dead body.

English Rose, I hardly wear shoes.  I'd hardly refer to myself as posh - and I am MOST grateful for your suggestions.

Fanks, Jelly, too.  :)

Mint Velvet







Massimo Dutti


Holland Cooper (i like their skirts but their customer service is apparently shockingly bad)

Jaeger is available via M&S. Autograph worth an occasional browse for basics. Uniqlo also for minimalist basics. 

I think Karen Millen had some decent dresses last year but haven’t looked recently.

Mango and Zara potentially. Apparently Next occasionally has some gems as they collaborate with up and coming designers. 

Essentiel Antwerp for bright pieces

Net a Porter/The Outnet if you are feeling splurgey. 

Bearing in mind where you live, have you looked at Posse which is a cool Aussie brand?

I like Mango for dresses, and M&S can have some good things because they now have the non M&S lines Sosander. Try a site like John Lewis for browsing different brands to see what you like.

I really like COS too but only in-store, I feel their stuff needs to be tried on because it can hang oddly.

I have sooooo much COS. Actually being in a shop is so dangerous because i end up spending so much haha. 

Stardust!!!  Do you do anything other than shop?  I feel exhausted reading the list - let alone buying something from each store.  Thank you!  :)

I love Cos (apart from the weird polyester stiff clothing) - maybe because I'm tall.  Noticed when in M & S that Autography had some quite nice and bright pieces. Was surprised but tempted.

M&S for sports gear. Boden is good for casual summer dresses as fit flattering, John Lewis for jumpers, whistles/white stuff for t shirts. Hobbs/Jigsaw have decent smart gear. It looks like you aren’t in UK tho?  I am trying to declutter wardrobe at moment and force myself to throw out unflattering stuff. 

"best moleskins eva duckers "


Is it like Mole Valley (formerly SCATS)? Their clothing department is proper countrywear. 

I do love COS but sometimes I will try something on there and I look like a lunatic, because it's an odd shape. Also I once got stuck halfway out of a dress in their changing rooms and had wander blindly, arms over head, onto the shop floor for assistance. Mild trauma.

I buy loads from Holland Cooper and haven't found their customer service bad. Their jumpers are lovely as are their jeans.



m&s / John lewis 

fold (bit pricey) 

me &Em 

hobbs sometimes though getting very boring and mother of the bride-ish the black suiting is still good