Climate change deniers...

Have a look at this from the spawn of climate denial CEI:

Scroll down and have a look at the sponsors. All the usual suspects including that wanker Charles Koch. But then we see others who have been banging on about their green credentials while supping (literally) with the devil.

I don't find this a terribly credible argument (in general, I mean).

If Charles Koch gives to cancer research I am not going to be all "oh boo cancer research is evil" am I?

although they might be I have no idea

I expect it from Kock - I'm surprised to see Amazon and Uber on the list

maybe climate change just isn't the most pressing problem?

ok I just clicked on the link and it looks super weird

Maybe climate change deniers are wrong. And if they are, we're screwed.

Philip Morris 


glad i stopped smoking and I never used uber 

"maybe climate change just isn't the most pressing problem?"

If it's all bollocks then perhaps... ...if it's real then it's the only problem. 

I think it's more likely that it is exaggerated because it's readily politicisable and commodifiable

What's wrong with Charles Koch? I'd trust him more than that creep Soros.

That said, you have to be a particular kind of stupid to be a climate change denier.

@Rhamnousia11 Jul 19 10:47

Then you are wronger than a wrong wrong’un.

Climate change is a humungous, urgent and very serious problem.  Minimising it is stupid and seriously destructive.  



Oh clergs rises above all this hysteria dontchaknow

she is sooo cool