Climate activists blocked London Stock Exchange

This is getting silly now

Why is that silly. 

The LSE is an obvious target, some of the worlds largest and most controversial polluter companies are listed there. 



I don't see why rappers are refused entry to the country for being a danger to public order but greta "wednesday adams" thunberg can stroll on in whenever she pleases

that doesn't prevent specific people from being excluded

there's a lot of police around the Royal Exchange today

perhaps they think the protesters are thick enough to get the two mixed up

Huge Lolz at Wednesday Adams! Clergies you do have a wonderful turn of phrase.

@Rhamnousia 09:56

Thunberg is a democratic activist who seeks to address MPs, not a protester.  She may support similar changes to the XR people, but she is not one of them.  

A person who has been convicted of insulting a group and inciting discrimination.

Sounds like they might be having a go at Goldmans  then


This is getting silly now

Nothing could be as silly as knowing that continuing with large-scale carbon dioxide emissions will crash the world economy and our civilization and just ignoring that knowledge.