This City pay war appears t have spread its tentacles far and wide, with Backer & Mckenzie offering 95 k base for NQ

Which is a lot on any construction. I presume these huge rises across the board will be felt by the client as opposed to a reduction in profit share/drawings by EP's.


I bet the clients are over the moon for having to pay 80-100k for an NQ to do what is mainly photo copying , paginating and , poor note taking.

Do not include a space b4 the comma.  now down to 13J for some verification

Trainees do the photocopying, paginating and note taking. If that is all you are doing as an NQ, maybe stop wasting your time at a shit firm.






































The Goose: true. That's how Dominic Raab qualified, and he didn't know Britain was an island that depended on trade via Calais to Dover. Not a good advertisement for MC/SC firms.

Other downsides (perhaps):

Forgetting where you live, not venturing outdoors to get natural light, signing documents at an overseas airport lounge isn't travelling to another country, being confined to the hotel in the host country isn't either; one travels for work, not for leisure; falling in love with a fellow human being - impossible, surely; having a diverse and interesting range of friends i.e. most of whom are not lawyers, unlikely; becoming a soulless nerd within 5 years, highly likely.

Not good for living in the real world, but passable for becoming a Tory MP.