City lawyer and spouse who works in the city

What Buzz said and seems that prior to that they were spaffing money on rent and keeping up with the Jones.

Who the fuck owns a flat in Panama!

plus £300k in Panama surely buys you more than a flat....

These are not City lawyers. £50k and £100k salaries suggests they were at best paralegals. 

LOL @ the PSL jibe from the judge. The distress of the proceedings means the wife has been reduced to the poor excuse for a legal job that is a "support lawyer". 

She's at Simmons it would seem.

What I don't get is how he has her to pay her anything when he's earning less than 50k and she's making over a tun.

Yes I mean it's totally worth them burning all of the assets that could be used to look after the kids on fighting each other via other lawyers.

It's a matter for them. If these bloody people had their way, no-one would ever use the courts.

Quite right Dux. 


If the two courts below had not fvcked up quite so spectacularly this would have been done and dusted three years ago for far less expense.

The courts should compensate them for getting the law wrong.

Yes, one has only to think of all of those times when humans lost the urge to litigate even the most petty stuff

£150k of your mum's money might be petty to you but this guy actually seems to care about the welfare of his elderly mother.

I was addressing dux’s point about judicial comments putting people off litigation