Christopher Booker finally sees the light

In one of his last columns

"Even those few of us who have been trying to explain the unrecognised realities of our situation since long before the referendum could not have predicted quite what a catastrophic mess we would end up with …

By ripping us out of the incredibly complex system that had so tightly integrated our economy with the rest of the EU we were putting at risk not just a large part of our currently frictionless export trade with the EU itself which provides an eighth of our national income, we were also risking much of our trade with other countries across the world.”

The man was a professional contrarian who changed his mind with the wind. He was like Laz without the sense of humour.

He just didn’t believe enough. It is better that the traitor is dead.

Not sure he believed in anything particularly, except that climate change is some sort of Marxist hoax.

This is what worries me

That we will never achieve real, existing Brexit

It will never have been properly tried