Christmas party etiquette

Is it acceptable for someone on their notice period to attend the firm Christmas party/lunch? Or will the partners be secretly hating that you are there? 

I went to a couple of Xmas department lunches and party in my 6 month's notice when I left my firm.

Looking back, I would still have gone to the lunches, but not the party at which I felt a bit weird/semi-detached.

If it were me I would not want to attend in the first instance, but if for some reason I do want to (free booze?) then I can't see myself caring what the partners would think.

We had a member of support staff who rocked up to a new joiners drinkers the day she was told she hadn't passed her probation.  Credit to her for having the nerve to turn and basically use it as a leaving do with free booze.

Surely it depends why you're leaving?  Surely if you still like (and are liked) by the people you work with and leaving on good terms, it's fine.  Bit weird if you've brought a grievance against your boss or something.

Def leaving on good terms- but I also annoyed the partners by handing in notice in the first place. I want to attend as it’s a good opportunity to say goodbye but the potential awkwardness may well stop me from doing so on the day…(some partners aren’t talking to me).

Lol Sails, that is ballsy.

Go if you want to don't if you don't.

Weren't you the same person agonising over whether to go to an xmas bash at your new place as well? I think you think too much... 

You have to go a long way in the etiquette stakes to beat the paralegal at my old place who fell from a sofa in kbop front down onto a coffee table full of shot glasses and bottles.   Glass everywhere.  Not a scratch on her.  Like a drunk festive circus trick.  Amazing.  She then managed to but her an alanis morissette number (it is very difficult to make an alanis morissette song even worse than the original).

it is very difficult to make an alanis morissette song even worse than the original

I reckon a cover of a song written by the queen of 1990s angst ridden birds delivered by a completely pissed up bird has the possibility of being far better than the original. Excruciating but possibly very entertaining.

Fine if you’re leaving on good terms - good opportunity to say goodbye to people in person/settle old scores/make a clumsy move on someone from marketing without the whole thing ending up in front of some bloody tribunal. So sick of those guys.

you are an employee of the firm whilst on your notice period, and presumably working, so if you've been invited and want to go, then go.  If you don't feel comfortable going, then don't. 

No no Darko that wasn’t me. And “agonising” I am not.

Sir Woke and Foal- I’m def not planning on jumping on anyone, good lawd.

I work for an old school manager who seems to get a massive kick out of guilt tripping the whole team about whether or not they were going to the actual party after the end of year briefing. 

We seemed to be the only team back out our desks after the meeting.  Some people rebelled and tried to attend, especially juniors. 

Not worth it especially after the endless messages about cost cutting. 

Now we just make our own plans to got out somewhere else instead, the atmosphere is much better for a starter.  It is not like these work funded things are very well funded anyway half the time. 


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