Christmas food extras

What special things do you have about the place this time of year?

apart from hookers and gak, I mean fizz and nuts.

Lots of sausages and bacon. Some nice cheese and some chilli & apple sauce for dipping shit into 

seafood - fish society is my friend (not so much the bank balance's)

yay for gravdlax

although Waitrose's frozen scampi are remarkably good, just don't over cook them


fizz wise, I do like an eye of the partridge (in french, obvs) for a pink fizz, v. drinkable

also like a mostaco d'asti instead of a pudding (as I won't have that much room left)

I have a drum of Cheddars and a drum of Cheeselets, a big bag of nuts, Crisps of various flavours

A nice bottle of Port, Ameretto, Vodka, two of bottles of Big Tom , Champagne and a few bottles of a nice Malbec

Cheese and smoked salmon are de riquer for me though I am only getting a wheel of brie

Just put in the annual BBR order. Gone a bit off piste this year although there's a few obvious ones, Bordeaux and Rhone, but mixing it up a bit. No fucking prosecco though.

Mince pies by the shedload


big pot of p&w stilton w charcoal crackers

baba ganoush (not strictly Christmassy but I always have it at this time of year)

pfeffernussen (sugary gingerbread shout)




  • Christmas nuts in shells
  • Dates
  • Christmas tubs of twiglets (by the bucket load)
  • all the M&S party food
  • Star/tree shaped pretzels 
  • Pate
  • Baileys 


Nuts in shells for us and not in shells to go in bowls for guests

'fancy' crisps (kettle chips or similar)

Cheese (so, so much cheese), smoked salmon, pata negra and fancy condiments from Fortnams. 

Big box of trashy chocs (quality streets/roses) and some fancy chocs. 

Christmas cake.


A decent single malt or two on the go

Good brandy on the go

Tawny port on the go

Plenty of fizz and beer in the fridge. 


You don’t have plenty of fizz and beer in usually?!


*makes note not to visit catters* 

heh, there is always beer in the fridge but I don't generally keep fizz cold since Mrs CC rarely drinks booze at all these (*eye roll* *sigh*) and I don't really drink it myself.


My drinks cupboard is always well-stocked.  Dont have any additional food/snacks in yet - will hit the shops this weekend. 

Proscecco (I can't tell the difference between it and champagne), stilton, other cheeses.... oh so so so many mince pies.


Oh... and mince pies.

We get obsessive about having a decent cheese board, so we do lots of crazy sourcing. We drive about 45 minutes across the county to get one specific one from a farm shop out in the sticks....

We also have home made orangettes and various little cakes/sweets/chocolates.

Depending on which country we are celebrating in (Mr D is a bit forrin) we won't always have turkey, which is nice.



Definitely Twiglets and Cheeselets.  Means a trip to Iceland (about the only place you can find Cheeselets), but it's worth the pikiness for the lovely cheesy taste.

those tiny oranges (size of a walnut) from M&S, by the lorryload. And twiglets, pate and cremant. Oh and Bendicks. 

Im not a fan of Christmas food (dried fruit and cinammon spices, ugh) but this year I discovered something fabulous that suprised me.

From Waitrose (sorry, and subesquently I couldnt find similar elsewhere), stocked near the fresh fruit/nuts, a box of dark choc dipped crystalized lemon/orange, dates and prunes. Sort of stuff I hate but actually GORGEOUS, try them.