Chris Davies MP sentence - false expenses


what a pointless and stupid offence to commit. He genuinely did spend 700 quid on the pictures and was entitled to be reimbursed (leaving aside whether that is good use of public money or not).

why fake 2 separate invoices? He bought several pictures - he could have just got the seller to provide 2 separate invoices and then paid them. 


Heh I read it earlier, it’s absolutely the shittest death of a political career I have seen.  The moron didn’t have the full amount in one pot so he decided it would be easy to just fake up a smaller invoice.  And then not even submit the other invoice for reimbursement!  

Total plank.

it’s a ridiculous charge that should never have been brought. Utter waste of resources when the fella wasn’t even intending to profit from it. 

He didn't need to profit from it for it to be an offence.  

Um stupid as it was, and I agree that he didn’t intend to make any financial gain, I’m surprised that on a lawyers forum anyone would take issue that he was charged when he fraudulently forged two documents.

Offences are committed all the fkin time and ultimately it’s a judgment call about which to pursue. I would say this should be pretty far down the priority order. 

Ooh he forged a receipt. Whoopy shit. Lawyers being outraged doesn’t make the charge any less silly.

You're probably too old for edgelord to be a convincing look for you. 


Good job he wasn't in public office or anything then, eh Wilf.

Oh, hang on.

Yes he was in public office and forged a receipt without any intention to profit from it. Up and down the country people in public office are lying out of their teeth. Keith Vaz plied male prostitutes with class A drugs and never received a slap on the wrist. Boris Johnson and co have lied with utter immunity.

But if you want to get sanctimonious about a totally irrelevant crime then fill yer boots. 

Two wrongs don't make a right.  I don't think Vaz and Johnson should have gotten away with it either.

have to agree with wilfroston here. Of course it was an offence but it’s literally this kind of situation that is the reason that CPS have the option to decide not to prosecute in the public interest. 


But CPS wanted a high profile scalp and got one 

I always thought the rule was Tories got into trouble over sex and Labour over money. The world is upside down.

Wouldn't it just be easier and cheaper on the public purse all round if MPs weren't allowed to expense for this sort of ridiculous shit?

Easier for the poor loves to follow the rules, and easier for the taxpayer to fund important stuff like healthcare and education.

Hot potato old boy. Best to leave it alone. Could be career/ pension


I just don't understand why he didn't ask the supplier for two offices as that is less effort than faking an invoice.

"Wouldn't it just be easier and cheaper on the public purse all round if MPs weren't allowed to expense for this sort of ridiculous shit?"


Cheaper, yes, but it's hardly fair. I have a budget for office furniture and accoutrements. Why shouldn't MPs?

In the old days, it was the Labour men who were done for financial scandals, and the Tories for personal ones. Now the Tories are drawn from the ranks of hoi polloi, and the Labour lot are champagne socialists, it seems to be the other way round.