Child unfriendly resort recommendations

My two have been really winding me up recently. Any ideas where we can go on holiday where the adults have a good time but the kids are really miserable?

Between visiting my mother in hospital, having to finish some urgent work and getting some sunshine I am afraid I only skim read Jim’s work today, apologies. 

Hire a camper van and follow the Tour de France around. Lots of time driving around France visiting obscure churches, 3 days roasting on a mountain surrounded by drunk Dutch and Danes while waiting for a bike race to come past. Also crapping in a chemical toilet.

all in all a fairly kid unfriendly holiday

French w coast Are they travel sick? The overnight ferry to St Malo with a whole night of throwing up faced with long queues in a hot car either side? 

Rof Royalty 29 May 23 17:52

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A simple "no" would have been more efficient for such a busy person who just has to comment.

Why are you such a constant bitch to elephant ?