Cheque clearing times at your bank

So I have received two cheques and attempted to pay a fee to special clear them. Only to be told we don’t do that anymore as cheques got lost in the post.

assuming it would take at least 5 days to clear the bank told me they scan and send the cheque electronically and it would clear by tomorrow. I guess the banks must have lost a fortune in fee income nowadays 

If you use a banking app on your phone then check in the menu for a cheque option. My bank's app allows you to take a photo of the front and back of the cheque, and pay it in that way. You keep the original in case there are any problems with the photos, and can throw it away once the cash appears in your account. I've used it a couple of times and it's worked perfectly each time. No more trips to the bank to pay them in. Whoop.

Only people with no money ever paid for special clearance, the fee income was minimal. 



Er I don’t think that’s true at all . One might want to ensure ASAP the cheque will be met immediately. You have made baseless assumptions as to how much cash I have. The fee income for making what is a phone call would have in absolute terms been significant.

in addition under the old regime one writes a cheque and the money is taken as soon as the payee banks it, yet the payee cannot draw down on it for at least 5 days. Where do you think that cash is sitting whilst waiting to be “cleared”

the banks made and make tens of millions at least 

also if you don't trust your client to pay without a bouncing cheque then that has its own alarm bells.