Cheap (actually cheap, not ROF cheap) Members clubs in London for Working

suggestions on a postcard please

application looks bloody nobby - do you know the rough cost? 

if you actually want a club and not a shared working space, the Ministry of Sound is good and has great facilities. (I'm not being facetious, they've got a members working club in the old Letts? / Prices? diary building just up from the nightclub)

Do you have any sailing experience?  I know an excellent club that's not horribly expensive but you need some very special skills to become a member.

What school did you go to? Sometimes clubs will have school affiliations which give you cheaper fees....

I've cancelled my EIC membership, wasn't using it anywhere near enough to justify costs.

yeah library is on my lists of places to check out 


Thanks for the suggestions. 

 A lot of them seem massively overpriced....once you get to £3k+ you may as well rent actual office space as you can get 24/7 access office for that price. 

Savile Club is pretty cheap - £1,800.00 ish a year, I think. 

if you’re aged under 35 the Oriental is abs dirt cheap and no entry fee either.

also has a lovely quad for in the summer

god they are all so nobby! 


Jackets are required


They seem like places where lonely people with money go to buy friends. 


I think I might check out the library first 

My club is just over £300 a year and no dress code but you need to know your way round a boat.

Just go in saying ‘shiver me timbers’ and you’ll be snapped up. 

heh there is most assuredly no jacket required for Ministry. 

Ditto The Little House if you can join just that one and not all soho houses.

or indeed the Hospital Club which has v good meeting room facilities 

Are you a boy or a gel? If the latter the allbright in fotzrovia is a nice space 

conduit club

little house (although can you make calls there? I always find this v inconvenient when working at the soho houses)

milk and honey is still going I think and must be deserted during the daytime 

lansdowne has cheap champagne on a Friday and is good if you play squash 

Sails is presumably talking about RORC, which is excellent value but does require some sailing experience. I’m not sure how good it would be for working though since I’ve never tried

Would RYA level 2 count for the RORC? Or a competent crew cert from last cnetury? 

The Lansdowne is £990 a year. That is very cheap for what it is

You need to find proposers for these clubs  fvck that

and as Groucho Marx said something like  I would not want to join a club that would have me as a member

Honestly joining a club to work there is just... meh.  Go to costa or something.

Lansdowne more like 1900


looks interesting though -  and I am there next week anyway so will check it out 

Merkz I've used RORC for meetings and it's quite handy for that as can take a room with refreshments for a couple of hours.

I read that google has a free workspace but you might have to pretend to be a tech wanker

Well you amortise the joining fee over the lifetime of your membership so even if you're only their for 10 yrs. Lansdowne membership is cheaper per annum  than, say,  Virgin Active membership but it has a lot more to offer and far fewer khvnts

National Liberal

Tiger Tiger

The Primary Club

Romford Working Men's Club


Don’t be absurd, if you start trying to do actual work at the NLC you’ll be drummed out before you can say ‘wifi password?’.

Forget the nobby klubz.  Some are ancient and for real fogies.  Some are up themselves and for young bastards.  

What you want is a shared workspace with good coffee.  Google that.  

My club is a decent price, has decent work space and great lunch. 

Not telling anyone on here about it though because, it is currently mostly cunt free, and I would like to keep it that way. 

I am with tecco on this - go to a starbucks or a spoons

Cockie, rof is a church of cunts with you as the Archcunt of Teed. 

Cockie, rof is a church of cunts with you as the Archcunt of Teed. 

You’d certainly know one when you see one wouldn’t you?

Btw the whatsapp group has been lolling all day.

I would 100% stick to costa, starbucks etc but the issue is needing to make phonecalls. I dont want to be that dick talking about business in a busy cafe. The members clubs seem to have corridors and alcoves where you can make business calls.

which part of london are you? I use Soho House White City for meetings a fair bit.

Archibald - institute of directors? Nice building. Not that spenny to join 

Yuu can hire meeting rooms by the hour all over the city. you would have to be a real samosa tie knotter to have meeting in a costs. 

I assume he is after quiet work space to use from time to time in town. Clubs can be good for that. 


sails - name of your club? or if that will out you, what's your nonny?

I’m old and don’t understand modern things: but if you are employed (or self-employed as a partner), why don’t you just work in the office provided for you rather than pay out of your own pocket to work somewhere else?