Charles I: Downfall of a King

anyone watching this on BBC4  , it;s awfully good


A good premise spoilt entirely for me by the presenter and the style.

The whole 4 minute introduction but with the dramatic music playing - just get on with it already.

And her pouting at the camera all the time (and not actually being terribly accurate about some things, but maybe she didn’t write the script).

Also ‘Project Fear’. Really?

The presenter was somebody called Lisa Hilton, who has a history of art degree and apparently wrote for Vogue, yet has somehow managed to publish numerous books on serious history.  

Sadly in that respect, I have to be in Malta but I’ll try to get it online.

I enjoyed it but felt the rather heavy brexit parallels were unnecessary.

Presenter clearly had tickets on herself and was a bit OTT, but overall quite entertaining.