Charges against Kevin spacey dropped

victim refused to testify 

What do we reckon why? 

Well, either pressure was brought to bear, or the complainant didn't want the stress, or the allegations were bollox. I guess we'll never know.

Doubt that the allegations were bollox. Didn't the complianant separately drop the civil suit after having been found (or at least accused) to have deleted texts from his mobile? I suspct he was actually victimized, thought that he was looking at a cash cow, sent some texts to friends/family that look bad, decided to give up on the civil suit and to not bother testifying in the criminal trial now there's nothing in it for him? Also wouldn't surprise me if Spacey di pay him off to some extent as well.

The Times suggests that he may have been caught out embellishing his story or the like.

Kevin Spacey?  You think a guy like that comes this close to getting caught and sticks his head out? My guess is that you’ll never hear from him again.

"And just like that," puff, "he's cum- uuuhhh, I mean gone."

alleged victim and his mother had deleted from his phone evidence of his drug use and university cheating and nudes from his m8s

when victim reminded that this could constitute a felony he withdrew a civil suit and took the 5th to avoid self incrimination