Channel 4 News - Viewing figure down because of Brexit



When half the nation is glued to their television screens watching the Commons, and with BBC Parliament briefly topping MTV’s viewing figures, Mr S can’t help but feel a little sceptical of Channel 4’s explanation for the decline. Perhaps the channel should look closer to home next time, perhaps at its coverage?

Not all that surprising that the great unwashed prefer news outlets that glorify Brexit or stick Farage on just about every panel to Channel 4, which has largely been reporting on Brexit as the unpolishable turd that it is.

Wot Flashy said.

Channel 4's coverage of Brexit is an abomination.

Yeah but the pair of you are complete fuckwits, so of course you don't like Channel 4s reporting style. It doesn't tell you what you want to hear, so you'd rather change the channel and put the Nigel Farage show on instead.

By putting Farage on Question Time every other week?

Yes, typically the lone Brexiteer up against 4 Remainers.

How many times has the Question Time panel had a 3-2 Brexit majority?

If they could find more Brexiters who could be persuaded to stop licking windows or whatever it is they do in their spare time and capable of stringing a coherent sentence together then I'm sure the BBC would put more of them on. As it is, they have to keep putting Farage and Kate Andrews on again and again and a-fucking-gain. 

"If they could find more Brexiters"

There are 17 million of us, it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to find 2 or 3.

More than 2 or 3 who aren't complete dribbling morons who would embarrass themselves on TV? Tricky. Very tricky. 

Please Brexit already

bojo as Pm and hard Brexit in October- fine


The one thing that reassures me about Corbyns socialist utopia is that people like Facepalm will be first up against the wall

I highly doubt that, but he'd have to find me first.

I find Channel 4 a bit tabloid these days.  Even Shane Meadows latest drama that the reviewers raved about was full of cliches.  Naked Attraction was mildly entertaining for a few episodes.

It'd be easy, you'd be the one holding a placard that could have been written by Titania McGrath

Corbyn is a communist not a socialist.  Really wish I didn’t have to keep repeating that.

Mcfritzface eh? Sounds Irish. Chap's an imposter!!


as is Paul Mason, incidentally, who was also editor of ... channel 4 news. 

Communist, not a Marxist or he wouldn’t be such a problem.

I think if Lord F insists on continuing to call Anna Facepalm she should call him 'Jon Snow' as it works on many levels

Channel 4 news is more opinion pieces than news. Very studenty feel to it.

ooooh, i like the Jon Snow idea

The thing about Paul Mason is that he has absolutely zero formal education in economics and went to a proper sh*t uni. Just goes to prove that you can get a long way by being a large and empty vessel

Cambridge is surely worse than Sheffield . Even Prince Charles managed to get a masters degree from Cambridge.

C4 news main problem is its time slot - 7pm is basically dinner time for most people and the sort of people likely to watch C4 news are not the same sort of people that have their tea in front of the telly.

who has dinner at 7pm? Apart from Northerners, who will be watching ITV

Guy my family has often watched TV with dinner but that's because we have a kitchen telly that we can see whilst sitting down to dinner at the kitchen table.

northerners have dinner at 12pm. Can't stand ITV either. 


Kit Harington is quite hot

GoT Jon Snow is a complete fucking liability and not that hot

(I would rather shag Jaime anyway)

Cathy Newman was in the year above Dominic Raab at the same college so would probably rather eat her own toes than share a studio with him for an interview.

I think Jon Snow is hotter than Kit Harington but that might be because the most recent pictures I've seen of Kit Harington are of him wearing a melancholy expression and a very unflattering pair of jogging bottoms outside rehab.

Buzz are you the least famous person ever to matriculate at that place?

Quite possibly.  For the sake of completeness, Danny Cohen was an utter cunt too.

Since Michael Crick left, any semblance of Channel4 news being anything other that the Labour Party's house broadcaster,  has gone.

They'll probably appoint Bob Geldorf to be the new World Affairs Editor.

"Guy my family has often watched TV with dinner but that's because we have a kitchen telly that we can see whilst sitting down to dinner at the kitchen table."

funnily enough though we have opposite approach - either around table - no radio or tv allowed or on our laps in front of telly as an occasional treat

I'm not sure a major figure in venture capital and offshore asset hider is quite in line with current Labour economic thinking tbh.