Change UK - EU Election polling

They're only polling 7% according to YouGov, yet Farridges new Brexit Party is already polling 27%. 

So weird

The various pro-remain parties really ought to run under the same banner for this.

Farage is unquestionably better at the marketing. 

farage is not better at marketing, he didn't even do anything. the british are retarded and an easy date. if you say something negative about the EU they will vote for you

if the pollsters are polling market traders in kent and people who aren't at work then it is not surprising that the % for farage is so high. 

Of Course Flashy! 95% of people in this country support Remain and the rest are unemployed thick racists who wear white vans and drive St George's flags. The polls must be wrong.

Broadly accurate but unfortunately you're wildly understating the thick racist %

Thanks ??? thats exactly what i thought too. Its what John Snow was talking about when he refers to "White People" 

The nice thing about thinking there are so many thick racists is that it makes one feel better about oneself. For example, i hate the type of British person that goes on holiday to Alicante on Ryan Air and shops at Sports Direct. The sort that probably reads the Daily Express. But if i tell myself that those people are definitely racist, it makes me feel more virtuous as i am not racist. So i basically get to feel better about myself without actually having to do anything that contributes positively to society. Not only that, but as an intelligent person, my world viewpoint is more valuable than thick people, so i can legitiimately argue against following the democratic decision on the basis that those who voted for it have less worth than those who voted Remain.

More people should be like me.

What each party individually polls is not very interesting (the Brexit party has clearly temporarily stolen lots of frustrated tory pro-brexit voters), what is interesting is whether leave or remain leaning parties overall will get the biggest share of the vote.

It’s not that surprising. The brexit party are (obviously) a single issue party, anyone who cares that strongly about brexit be they kippers, tories, lefties or whoever will vote for hero nige. If brexit is but one of the things you want to vote on, or if you are pro-remain but also labour, then you’ve a bit of a quandary unless catweasel comes out and promises a second referendum. 

what is interesting is whether leave or remain leaning parties overall will get the biggest share of the vote

Only to the extent Labour gets off the fence and actually takes a Remain leaving stance. 

Otherwise its just people spouting bullshit as they claim that a party that has, by actions rather than confused words, 100% backed Brexit is actually Remain leaning because it otherwise looks like everyone is voting for Brexit.

I'm not sure how someone promising something they cannot deliver in a manifesto for an election that will have no impact on their ability to deliver that promise would convince any rational person to vote for that person's party in that election.

Supporting a pro remain Labour party in the euro elections to send a message to someone is a massively wasted opportunity.


Electing enough Change UK MEPs in tory marginals to persuade enough of those MPs to defect and trigger a general election would be a far more effective course to follow

if the pollsters are polling market traders in kent and people who aren't at work then it is not surprising that the % for farage is so high. 

the vox pops I hear always seem to be this ^^^  and are always gagging to leave asap and don't understand why we haven't. 

I didn't say anything about "thick racists" - that was Flasheart and ???.




have remain groups even got anything launched yet?

hard to see Brexit party being beat. They dont even need a manifesto they just need to say Out means Out. They dont even need a plan for how really. 

Fvck me people are going to treat it as a Peoples Vote arent they, it’ll just be sending a message.

Yep which is why minkie these elections (assuming they happen) need a big turnout.  Suspect also sadly that Farage's lot will be the largest party (UKIP are finished pretty much because they have become an anti Islam extremist party - Farage and his lot may well have fairly similar views but are far too shrewd to run on that sort of basis and will just focus on the EU issue).

Even if they are the largest party it would be a good message though if the pro Remain groups (who I agree should get together if possible) together outpolled the pro Leave groups.  I guess the issue is though that Labour may have done just about enough in some people's minds (they certainly haven't for me or many people I know) to be seen as favouring a customs union/possible second vote that a lot of the pro Remain people who can be arsed to vote will vote Labour not Green/TIG/Lib Dem etc.

Fvck me people are going to treat it as a Peoples Vote arent they, it’ll just be sending a message.

Yes. So please don't vote Tory! :-)

Anna, careful what you wish for. 

Leavers, 52%, are flocking to Brexit Party. Conservative remainers pissed off with May will split between Brexit Party and TIG/Green/Lib. Say another 10% to Brexit Party. Labour remainers similar but less so - say another 3% to  5% to Brexit party.

Total say 65%. That’s enough for a clean sweep (excluding the regional parties).


Why on earth would a "Conservative remainer pissed off with May" vote for the Brexit party?

It’s hard to find anyone who says they’ll vote Conservative in the Euros.

Even if you look in places like Guido, Conservativehome, Daily Mail, Daily Express where they normally abound.

Indeed fifty Conservative Association Chairmen are campaigning against May


From Conservativehome:

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Cobbett1962· 4 days ago

This life long conservative member, and frequent supporter and activist with numerous envelope stuffing and doorknocking elections behind me, will indeed be voting. But it will not be for the conservatives. They will not receive my money, my time and effort or my vote again until both May is gone and a proper form of brexit is done (or at least such a direction of travel is espoused by the part as a whole). In the euro’s i will likely be voting for that ridiculous Farage party (the current UKIP is beyond the pale), in other elections I will just sit on my hands. 
Five years of Corbyn is better than staying in the EU or May’s WA which amounts to staying in. 
And I would point out that i actually voted Remain.


the smell of bullshit is strong on that one

Yeah, what Sergio said.

I didn't read the comments (because they are always full of nutters), only the article, which I didn't think was very good.

Brexit is a terrible idea and will make us all poorer and less safe. Things to blame for causing Brexit:-

(1) David Lazy Arrogant Cameron;

(2) Thick racists;

(3) Forty years of neoliberal consensus government creating a large number of people worse off in terms of disposable income than their parents;

(4) Thirty years of rising house prices meaning nobody working in a normal job can afford to buy where they grew up without having two adults in work and taking a “funny” mortgage;

(5) That damned expensive, interfering EU which takes 1.2% of our money and has fewer civil servants than Birmingham;

(6) The rooted insularity of the English-speaking world that wrongly believes learning languages is for foreigners;

(7) The English press (and some MPs) controlled by foreign millionaires who would like to cause Brexit and a crash in the pound so they can buy up British assets on the cheap; or

(8) An underpaid Parliament whose backbench MPs are mostly loudmouth idiots with no education, no experience and no clue and who unhesitatingly put self first, party second and country nowhere?

I’m not sure whom to blame. 

Rof decides !!!


Daily Express readers are almost entirely Conservative voters. Right?

Latest EU election poll result from 20,000 readers


Brexit Party - 89% 

Change UK - 4%

Conservative - 0%

Green Party - 0% 

Labour - 2%

Lib Dems - 1%

Ukip - 4% 

Other - 0%