celebrity political endorsements

I heard one of the US world champion footballers is refusing to go to the white house.


How much does rof think celebrity endorsements (even , soft ones like turning up to the white house) affect politics?

Celebs think they affect politics, because they are brave and people look up to them.

In reality, I suspect it barely registers.

Very little.

The "woke" listen to the celebrities trying to out-woke each other.

The un-woke think "muppets", and go back to work.


In the US, studies show that the left wing and the right wing in the US do not understand one another and great political change is highly unlikely. I don't think celebs massively influence things. (https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/06/republicans-and-democrats-dont-understand-each-other/592324/)

However, that football player is female and gay and I can understand why she doesn't particularly wish to be associated with an administration that reduces marginalised people's rights. Fair enough, why shouldn't she make a political statement?


Stardust, agreed. In a free society  there should never be any obligation to accept any invitation to glad hand the politicians de jour

What I find irritating is that Trump made some throwaway comment about her disrespecting her country if she didn't go to the White House if they won, which I find utterly bizarre.

If people start getting denounced for making political stands in whatever way (kneeling during an anthem or not going to the White House after a win, for example) then what's next? Restrictions? Prison? Or Worse? In Thailand protestors who used the Mockingjay salute from The Hunger Games movies on opposition to a military coup were arrested...

Silencing or belittling the little guy protesting is a problematic move for a Government or whoever is in charge. It indicates larger problems.


Given that some people don't bother watching TV news or reading a vaguely serious newspaper I suspect a scary number people base their voting decisions on what an actress they like said in a gossip mag.  There are a surprising number of people in this world who by their own admission don't understand what political parties stand for, etc. and who defer to the opinions of public figures who they think will understand.

If that were the case, SummerSails, then the British Labour Party and American Democratic Party would win every election every time, because their celeb endorsements far outweigh those of their opponents.

Unfortunately there are also lots of people who don't bother voting and others who make their own minds up which helps counteract those who vote a particular way because someone on TOWIE was going to vote that way.

Obviously celebrity has very little influence on politics otherwise the President would be a TV celebrity.

Name recognition is quite important in politics.

I think being a celebrity may well with a political career (Indian and US politics prove that) not sure celebrity endorsements help much.