Cave Dwellers out aplenty today & I got berated for not wearing a mask

New levels of Olympic style gymnastics in place ( reverse double tucks with half a spin). I was seated on the lower deck of a bus, and a very posh woman in her late 60s sits opposite , and immediatley says looking at me, " Why is no one wearing a mask?

ME: I said I have Asthma, and my script and medication is with me.

Her" Yes of course you do.

Me " Do you want to see it"

HER" My daughter has asthma ( how relevant that is I do not know) Why is none else wearing a mask

ME: Why don't you ask them

HER: mumble, mumble

It is going to be like this for an age isn't it, with these people

were you tempted to go "sorry? sorry? i can't understand you with that whole *gestures* thing"

You could wear a badge to make yourself more easily identifiable as asthmatic. Possibly based on an emoji of a barfing child or the like. Or a pink triangle? 

No, I offered her to see my medication, script, and steroid car. She got mugged off, she should engage her brain before she utters a word. She can now turn her attention to others, as I left the bus.

My slogan" Stay at home-, shield, let others live"

Maybe light up a fag, and say I need it for my asthma.

"how relevant that is I do not know"

Presumably because her daughter is able to wear one without suffocating? How relevant your asthma is, on the other hand, is anyone's guess.

That said, I shan't bother wearing a facemask because, unless everyone does through the government mandating it, there's no point.

what will your exception be, dux?

lol also at the classic vuvuzealot "IF SHE ISN'T WHY SHOULD I"


My exception is, I don't have the virus and masks don't protect the wearer.

in that case you aren't exempt soz dux


Of course everyone else will take the same attitude. Which is precisely why the government needs to mandate these things. Otherwise, it will be a free for all.

laz I believe the face coverings actually harm the wearer

"Masks do protect the wearer"

Not according to every credible expert I've read. What's your authority for that?

"dux... they are mandated"

Only on public transport, not elsewhere, which is typical fudge.

RR, she was wearing a mask but pulled it down to speak to me . Moron

Meanwhile in Waitrose ( why is it mainly always in Waitrose), I bought my Supper, and I have noticed a big uptick in oldies gingerly floating about, doing the death stare. Poor cashier had to get the manager at the insistence  of  a very posh pensioner, who complained there were too many people in the store.

The helpfulness, and politeness and customer service at Waitrose is well known , he walked out and stood outside to appease her, so he could monitor the Queues. There was no one queuing , and only 15 or so people inside. He is a very patient man

Absolutely loads of research validating the reduction in transmission achieved by the wearing of masks by either the infected or the potential infectee 

by what mechanism would they protect you if someone else was wearing one, but not if you were wearing one?

MAGICK???? Or plain old British common sense?

“laz I believe the face coverings actually harm the wearer”

Alas your belief is mistaken m88

"by what mechanism would they protect you if someone else was wearing one, but not if you were wearing one?"

It would stop their spittle flying out everywhere. If I'm wearing one, it could land on my skin, in my eyes, on what I'm carrying.

clergs, some of these masks , are filth, damp sodden and wet, and dirty. Some look disgusting as hell. 

no, it's based on various studies

fibres, mould, bacteria, increased face touching, fungus

wouldn't do it

Ducks the virus is not caught osmotically through the skin

if there were no exemptions I would get a really disgusting one just to appal people

something bloodied for preference

TBF I was in Waitrose the other day when some masked heroine was ranting to the poor shelf-stackers about overcrowding.

She stopped in between them and said: "Look, there are four people here!"

To which I replied: "Well if you move on, so can I and there will only be two!"

Everybody cheered. Well, the staff chuckled.

And , the government insisting on coverings on public transport, I have noticed without exaggeration probably nearly half of the locals wearing them in supermarkets, banks, and just going about their business.

They are loving it. Meanwhile Piers Morgan who has worked everyone into a bloody mad frenzy, looks so dissapointed lockdown has essentially finished, he will have little to berate people about.

"the virus is not caught osmotically through the skin"

No, but I could touch my eye/nose with my hand/arm.

Come on, lad, think about it. You're better than this.

I am not disputing the possibility of later, secondary inhalation of infected droplets by someone who was wearing a mask at the time he got sneezed on.

I'm saying the mask will stop primary inhalation and therefore spare at least a substantial portion of the sneezees from contracting the insidious vu vu.

Well, everything I've seen suggests that the benefits you allude to will be outweighed by people not using the masks correctly, etc.

She can't have been that posh if she was on the bus in the first place.

I can't understand why people think they can dodge the vuuv forever. 

They will get it. 



I dont need to prove anytthing do i ? I can say it causes me distress and anxiety right?

We need to sell T shirts which say "I am exempt from mask wearing"  (just about everyone can be as the rules exempt even those who get very distressed when wearing one ie most people when it is 33C as it here today). I am not a mask or lockdown supporter although I do obey the law - not been out on any raves or street parties or that kind of thing just busy working to pay the wages of the 50% of workers who are now paid by the state and the almost 3m unemployed.

I do not lay claim to be "posh" ebitda. That is how some fettes who have met me have described me but I don't think I am.


I don't often get the bus or the tube tbh, especially not when the weather is like this.

LA, but you seem surprised that "posh" people do though?

"Masks do protect the wearer"

Not according to every credible expert I've read. What's your authority for that?


Someone ought to tell all those doctors and medics that they've been wasting their time moaning about PPE, turns out they aren't needed.

Yes what do doctors and medics know anyway? Haven’t we had enough of experts? Let’s rely instead on rollonfriday’s “3 Dux” and “clergham “, with their combined expertise in being shouted at in public. 

Definitely wearing my one of these on the tube to freak people out

Laz, that study involved asking people who wore masks then seeing what the death rates were! It's classic correlation not causation. 

Magine spennin abar 10 grand on lip fillers an all that there craic and now tey be toul ye have te wear a wee mask

I wouldn't get a bus these days.

But then I wouldn't get a bus those days.

Mind you if I saw Stan and Blakey from 'On the Busses' on a number 73 I'd be on there like a shot. Unlikely to happen these days.

SOME masks protect the wearer. But not the sort you’d be wearing on the bus.