Catch 22

I'm enjoying this, but I am still yet to see a dramatisation that is funny.  I need to read the book again.

Not really feeling it. I guess it's just a hard novel to dramatize. With you on needing to read the book again though.

PP I suppose it is a hard novel to dramatize other than in the case of the original movie which was excellent.

I never got on with the book tbh.  I think it was cos everyone kept telling me how amazing it was.  

The TV series is building to a different ending though so I'm not sure the fuller comedy of the book would work.  

Thanks for that insightful and interesting contribution to the thread.

Think it’s deece tbh. Does the only thing sensible for an TV adaptation of the book and reassembles the plot to make it linear but keeps the air of chaos of the book which is a truly difficult job, and the acting is great. 

Sorry luv, if insightful and interesting are the goal then this thread’s ship sailed a long time ago.

I loved the book, my copy is thoroughly dog eared.

I loved the film.

What threeepwood said about the series which I'm enjoying very much.