Catalans on trial for 'rebellion '…

Time we took a leaf from Spain and started putting  some of these Scotch troublemakers on trial 

We should not be so arrogant as to think we have nothing to learn from these theocratic countries 



I am amused that the SNP keep backing catalonia

"oh we will definitely be straight back into the EU after independence but fuck spain"

It's actually a very tough question, a bit like Yorkshire declaring UDI 

It would have been amusing to have seen what the SNP would have done,  had they gained independence after they assumed oil prices would remain at $100+

Loved Galloway on the SNP

This is una verdadera mierda. The successive central governments in Spain have played a spectacularly bad hand in this situation.

There's never been majority support in Catalonia for independence AFAIK. One fact that rarely seems to be mentioned in the UK media is that the majority of Catalans boycotted the referendum precisely because of its illegitimacy, leaving it to the frothing Catalan element to proclaim 'victory'.

The use of the 'rebellion' charge is a fudge to achieve the most draconian sentence. Nevertheless, if the govt. continue with this medieval drivel they will be handing the separatists the moral high ground and the region on a plate.    


do you think? seems spectacularly unfair for the reasonable majority of catalonians to be forced to separate

The PP were nutso: the optics of police in riot gear dragging old ladies from polling booths were obv. terrible. The issue of Catalan separatism (along with Gibraltar, ahem) also draws out the worst of the old right jingoism. There's now a socialist coalition in power but they are also unwilling to negotiate re a vote.

There really needs to be a legit referendum on this to put the issue to bed once and for all. The problem is that there can't be one as things stand. The constitution produces a deadlock preventing it without the approval of the country as a whole (which would never be passed).




There really needs to be a legit referendum on this to put the issue to bed once and for all.

I think thats what Cameron said on the EU ref heh.