Cat may be dying

My cat (Humphrey, 13) had developed a limp.  Took him to the vets and he gave him some anti-inflammatories.  Went back after two weeks and this morning he got all panicky when in the cage and started panting (has never done this before).  Vet said he thought there might be a heart problem, but getting bloods.  Took him home and he's still panting bless him.  Fear the end may be night.



Your auto correct has not pulled your pants down there.

I wish my fucking cat (14-19 best guess) would shuffle off the coil mortal.  

the vet will properly fleece u ( see trrials of poster darcey supra)

Personally I don’t like cats and don’t see why anyone else does, so I’ve come on to your thread to be a twat about it.


I haven’t really. Sorry your cat’s ill, it’s always horrible losing a pet ?

The vet sent Lynn home with him awaiting test results.  He asked to go out before I got home and hasn't come back.  Fear he's gone off into the fields to die.  Would really have liked to say goodbye.


It's a lovely sunny day, the birds are tweeting and I suppose if he knew it was his time there are worse situations to shuffle off.  Still very sad.

Sorry about your cat old chum. Hope you and the family bear up ok. 

I’m so sorry to hear this... I’d be devastated to lose one of mine.

I'm not a cat person but this sounds awful.

I really hope that things are not as bad as you fear and that Humphrey slopes back in soon.

GF got a rescue cat which looked terminal ,to "give it a good home "pending its death, she estimated at 3 months

4 years later the thing grows sleeker and more aggressive by the day

Good news.  I found him in the field after 2 hours of searching, whistling, shouting and rattling his biscuits.

Bad news.  He was dehydrated, dishevelled and I think he may have had a stroke.  He has wolfed a tin of tuna and drunk the equivalent of a bathful of water though and has now fallen asleep.  Reckon we'll be getting Herriot round to do the deed tomorrow, but at least I'll get to say goodbye.  Thank fuck he didn't waste away in the field (it's waist fucking high with grass). 

Don’t be too hasty. If he’s wolfed down tuna he’s obviously got an appetite and although I’m no expert, losing it tends to be a significant sign. 

No vet results yet.  Will chase tomorrow.  He's very unsteady on his feet and behind the sofa.  Like Blackadder's character who jumps into the corner

Cats just faking it

Wants attention 

Seen it too many times

Poor Humphrey, but spending years as a cat sounds pretty fvcking awesome

My cat is 19 and has been on her last legs for at least five years. Still moves around the place in an unsteady way though and demands tuna, then sleeps.

Too mean to die.

I trust you have installed a ramp for the cat to climb up  to a comfortable chair, without having to jump

Bernstein you may joke but that's the kind of thing my parents would do.  I recall trying to construct a ramp so that elderly dog could still get into the back of the car for outings.  Similarly last dog would still jump in the pool and then be lifted out because she couldn't manage the steps.

My cat doesn't really leave the ground floor. She has a cat flap so can go in and out.

She still annoys the dog though, which is amusing because she used to pick on him as a puppy. A bit of a size difference now. I have to tell Sam not to trample on her by accident.

That would be unfortunate.

Mouse to boob for you.  I was devastated when my cat, George, died although he had very good innings 20+


Those doggy ramps are quite normal.  You can buy them anywhere.  When Freddie the Sprollie was very old and I was at work, I paid someone to come in 3 times a day for comfort breaks and just to make sure he hadn't fallen and couldn't get up.  My friend (a joiner) built special stairs that were very easy for him to get onto the sofa from... deep and low they covered almost the width of the living room.  He was 21 when he carked it :(


I only came to Rof today to check in on Humphrey? 

How is he? 


20+ is not really a good innings though, is it? I mean, he's played himself in and done all the hard work but its concentration and technique that converts that into a meaningful number and pushes up to a century. At what number did he bat? 

Doggers this was 30 plus years ago when I don't think such ramps were easily available online.  I covered an old ironing in some carpet underlay to give it a bit of grip.

So we have an update.

His bloods have come back and he has a big thyroid problem.  Normal reading is 40 and he’s 170.  This can lead to heart issues.  He’s been put on tablets but the vet reckons if he stabilises he could be fine again.  He’s still eating but a bit unsteady on his feet.  Fingers crossed.

Re: ramps my other cat, Mrs Goggins, is 16 and can’t jump on her favourite bed any more, so I made a wooden ramp at the bottom so she can walk up it.  I didn’t think this was that odd TBH


I didn’t realise I’d be able to buy one online!  Gah!

We need regular updates re Humphrey and Mrs Goggins (omg that name!).

My two send furry hugs. Mew.

Timely. My cat Marley was put to sleep about an hour ago. 16 years old.  All sorts wrong with him: tumour in mouth, massive weight loss, shitting everywhere, etc.  He's now in a shoebox in the shed, awaiting burial. He was hardcore - the kind of cat you'd want by your side in a knife fight (he spent his youth in Hackney).


Aww BG, I am so sorry. Big hugs to you. Are you going to plant a tree where he's buried or anything?

That's a nice idea stardust. Thank you.  We will plant a tree.

Seems a bad week for the cats of Rof.

My parents' former cats and dogs are all marked by stone slabs.  Hope someone has explained this to the people buying the house...

AP so glad that Humphrey lives to fight another day.

BG v sorry about Marley. The image of the really hard cat from Hackney will stay with me.

Glad to hear that there may be a good long term prognosis for Humphrey. ?

Very sorry to hear about Marley but I’m glad you had a hardnut sidekick for all those years you spent in knife fights..

My two munchkins are currently enjoying midnight treats, after our playtime,  before we head to bed for snuggles. 

I don’t know what I would do without them.