Cassandra thread - post your doom predictions for the next 3 years

China is preparing to Tiananmen Hong Kong (let's be honest it's not helium balloons in those trucks)

Cyprus is conspiring to frame a rape victim in order to mollify their allies against Turkey

Those same allies are stirring the shit (just for a change) with Iran

Turkey is probably going to go properly ape shortly

Scotland is going to become "independent" but a de facto Russian puppet state (YES THIS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT)

Trump is going to get a second term and he's going to try to keep his figures up with a new world war

British diaspora is going to become a thing (only not beloved like most of the other countries that have had to do this)

financial crash to end all financial crashes

probably at least one nuclear detonation (going to guess re India vs Pakistan)

Not like you to be so downbeat.

Still, at least you didn’t suffer a major personal crisis on the way into work today.

I expect my hemorrhoids will re-emerge as an issue

I’m not.

What you are doing is confusing what I post with not playing along with the continued and much self publicised martyrdom of St Clergham.

But if it helps you to be a misery-lit fan girl be my guest.

apaprently psychopaths get really upset if you point out that they are psychopaths

seems same goes for penises

I die of a massive stroke.

or is that anxiety and not doom fear?

No dude you're just a bit of a dick.  Even when she doesn't post anything about herself you just pretend she did, you are *obsessed*

And we go immediately to the attempt to shift attention from my original critique  to some sort of personal abuse.

I accept your concessions of defeat. So obvious.

so you wanging on is "critique" but someone pointing out how much you wang on is abuse?

ach who cares you must be a sad dude to get your kicks from this

Your "critique" was of something that literally wasn't there. You're seeing things. 


Ladies, you do know that with all of this attention you've given strutter a semi and a stupid grin on his face where he would otherwise be bored out of his skull on a commuter train?

well there are close links between certain members of the Scottish "establishment" and organs ofthe Russian state. Putin myseriously puts aside his disdain for small countries in our one special snowflake instance.

Salmond is on the out ofc but has a fair few links with Iran ("they're not all bad!")

My critique is that she should lighten up a bit. But she can’t because the misery thing attracts attention.

But you knew that which is why you started on the personal abuse thing because the point is unanswerable.

strutter I think you genuinely have some sort of neurological deficit

a discussion board is for discussion

if you want to sit in cybersilence PLEASE feel free to fuck right off

You should probs stop try to fuck women on message boards and pay more attention to your wife but hey, everyone has room for growth 

that is the other aggravating thing

who among strutter and I is the one who wants "attention"? it's not me, I am just here for the craic

I do have a pathological need for craic I will not deny it

I'd say everyone on this board wants attention. Some more than others. Most go through phases. Or just very boring days.

Dr Freud here to help. I see Linda hass called Strutter ein 'Penis' und ein 'Dick'. Zis is most interesting. Zis ist 'projection'.

I sink she has vot is called 'penis envy'.

Central point still not addressed I see and the abuse keeps coming. QED I think.

Tell you what does this make you feel more comfortable:

Howl! My shoes are too tight this morning and I swear my arch enemy has noticed. Wail! The change in the yen:Sterling rate depresses me. PATHOS.


Strutter: it needs at least one word that 90% of the population have never used.

Tbf Linda if roffers were to stop trying to fvck women on messageboards (or vice versa tbh) then there would be no rollonfriday. Or messageboards. 

Yes but a troll with a smile and a semi now. Christ this train is slow.

Strutter you have no central point. Clergs posted a thread not in any way about herself (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT IF SHE DID) and you just had a go at her anyway. You are entirely without a point here. 

I like penis very much hotnow but I don't wish I had one 

wang you called me a turd with eyelashes yesterday so consider this a quid pro quo!

Yeah I totally win right there

*does victory lap of office*

*gets expensive tie caught in shredder*

The re-election of trump would be so sad, paralyzing in a way, for a moment at least. In which case I’ll never visit the us again ever

An independent Scotland is safe from putin, safe in the EU THE ONLY PROTECTION FROM TYRANNY AND ARBITRARINESS AVAILABLE 

Komm into ze loving embrace of the fourth r.. er, federal Europe... 

TBH re: China I am more worried about what they do after Hong Kong, to Taiwan.

Taiwan actually has quite a big military that is constantly on standby, and China has said they are willing to forcibly re-invade, and America has said they are willing to forcibly defend them.

Hotnow - so pathetic, typical brit spacker 

anyway, enjoy the loving embrace of trump, pompeo, Bolton and, well, good old Vladimir 

They will reboot the Harry Potter movies where the role of Hermione will be played by a 30-year-old man with a moustache who identifies as a (pre-)teen girl.

Civil War in the US (well, another one)

Out of control degeneration of the Earth's climate resulting in the complete desertification of large sections of Europe, the Americas and Asia and a complete collapse of the world's food supply.

Bolsonaro will oversee the complete destruction of the Amazon rainforest (see above)

Mass immigration as more and more of the earth becomes uninhabitable.

Massive epidemics due to long extinct pathogens being released from the permafrost.


Hans Rosling, we need you now more than ever.

I wish we could spin the magic washing machine and pull him out.

Stupidity and ignorance are the root of all evil. Except for the evil people. They just evil.

Brexit.  If we leave: we lose.  No ifs, no buts.

Absent enough fanciful thinking that actually materialises unicorns, fairies and geese laying golden eggs by the gross, the UK will diminish even break up. 

Our cross-border services sector will be eroded all kinds of problems with all kinds of matters afflicting daily life.  The right wing will dance around the bonfire of worker and consumer protections lit in the name of freeing business and winning trade deals with other states while agreeing to their self-interested demainds.  We will by law or necessity adopt EU laws as our own, but without a say.

the world is so fucked on so many levels that I'm starting to think that David Icke might have a point about those lizards

I don’t really have any doom scenarios of my own. I am generally a relative optimist, in that I tend to think things will probably be bad in the ways people generally predict, but to a less extreme extent.

I was right, for instance, that the financial crisis was certainly bad, but would not turn into a second great depression because this time government would intervene massively. 

So - I agree with most other people's doom scenarios but I think it will on average be about 0.4x as bad as they predict.

How's it going where u r m7


Sounds like the fuck is clustering to me

I seriously think if China is willing to forcibly take back Hong Kong, as they seem to be, then we're less than 5 years from an invasion of Taiwan.

At that point the US is going to have to intervene.

World War 3 will be fought in the Pacific over Taiwan

What people are missing is that because there is a promise of full suffrage in Hong Kong’s Basic Law, China can offer it without it technically constituting a concession. I think that after the show of force, there will be quite meaningful reform.

(and by “show of force” I mean the current mustering and rallying and tough-talking, and the support of increasingly aggressive tactics by the local police. I doubt they will actually send the tanks in tbh).

Oh dear.

A mystic laz prediction that things are basically going to be alright.

Those poor, poor people.

Seriously. Concentration of Chinese military around Xiamen and increasing pressure on Taiwan. America beefs up it's presence in the pacific. Kim Jong Un pops up out of nowhere does something mental like fire a missile at an American aircraft carrier. Trump takes the US to war in the pacific and uses Russia to attack China from the North.

This had all better happen within the next 18mths if you think Trump is gonna have his finger on the button.


If they're willing to do this stuff in Hong Kong, then the next step is taking back Taiwan.

At the point at which there are landing craft clustering in Fujian province, we know it's coming.

China know the UK is a washed up backwater and won't do anything about Hong Kong.

The US will defend Taiwan and it'll be a war.

We'll discover that plastic microparticles cause cancer.

will we allow people with cancer to seek humane ends rather than forcing them to live in agony tho?

Well if we do find that microparticles cause cancer we're all likely to be riddled with them so we might as well just implement some kind of Logan's Run type situation

I often think of that with powerful wist

it just BLOWS MY MIND that the capacity to stop being in this world exists and spurious judeao-christian laws and the narcissism of our rules prevents me from having it

imagine just ordering a kit on amazon, pouring yourself a glass of booze and slipping on out the door

If you ask nicely maybe I'll slip you some IV potassium.

Uh, causes cardiac arrest. Probably not painless, no.

damnit chimp if I wanted to die painfully I could do it myself!

I want the good stuff

Heh! Fair enough. You probably could kill yourself painlessly but not easy to arrange and I want you to carry on living so I don't think I should advise you on that

Chimp I understand that pentobarbital is the way to go. Any suggestion on where/how to source that? Should I trust dodgy Mexican sites?

Unfortunately I am not able to advise on where to buy pentobarbital.

Howl! My shoes are too tight this morning and I swear my arch enemy has noticed. Wail! The change in the yen:Sterling rate depresses me. PATHOS.


TBF I do find the change in the JPY/GBP exchange rate depressing, as most of my assets are still in GBP and yet I am compelled to fund periodic trips to Japan.

I hate when other people tell me they want me to carry on living

[email protected]

I have a more modern idea pp but I do not wish to share it in case I am arrested

also it might just leave u a vegetable for 40 years

It just jars me to be reminded that people believe living is a good thing. I mean I know your job existing  be and you doing it should offer some sort of clue also. 

Well, most people seem to like living. I sometimes feel alienated from that myself.

I know right. WHY. It's absolutely awful. The pain and fear around death is obviously bad but being dead is much better than the alternative.

I can't fathom "better than the alternative heh heh" what's that like. Madness. 

I suppose it's a gift not to worry about mortality. Not that stupid viveophiles seem all that worried about it either.

I'm a little bit bipolar I think and I find the thing to do is just exercise and keep working and definitely not to drink too much as that will totally fuck with your mental state after a while.

Lol @ Viveophile