Carrie Symonds being "managed out"

she is exactly the fucking type

blonde about, expense everything, fvck off to Bloomberg to wang on about otters and pretend it's not the demotion of the century


the story is she was "invited to leave" her job at CCHQ because she was completely rubbish at it and ran up huge expenses

it took a few goes because of her "friends in high places"

(I believe this 100% - the stuff about the Morocco trip seems a bit unnecessarily weakly bolted on)

Oh I thought you meant out of the Boris liaison. 


apparently she got a £20k settlement which imo is not that good (she should hire anna louise christie next time)

I'm unconvinced it's a demotion from CCHQ either 

well bearing in mind she cannot escape the dreadful horse Tory culture either way I would say it is a step doon

(absolutely no offence to ponies who are themselves adorable)

"A close friend of Miss Symonds said last night: 'This nonsense is a politically motivated smear by opponents of Brexit."


£20k is fvck all of a settlement on an £80k per annum role, it’s presumably literarily just her notice period. They must have her bang to rights. 

No but people like that don't tend to get statutory

She wasn't even good at being a useless posh person !!

I can get £80k a year for farting about Tory HQ?  Why on earth am I doing my current job?!

Because you aren't a horsey blonde shagging a Tory MP

unless you are ofc  

She’s not very sexy. Teeth too big. But BJ can’t afford to be choosy. Spent his uni days in Bullingdon club apparently the club used hookers but not BJ

I think she’s lovely.  Up there with Isabel Hardman for me Clive.