Car selling and buying Hedz - an unusual problem
You With The Face 20 Jun 24 10:16
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So I sold our old family car on Autotrader.  Bloke rang up, said he'd pay asking price without haggling and turned up an hour later, didn't test drive the car and drove it away after paying £20k by bank transfer.  Said he was buying it for a garage to sell (fine but he paid a decent price so not sure what margin they'd get) and could he come back to pick up his own car the next day.  I said fine.

He didn't pick up the car the next day, or indeed any day for the next 3 weeks.  At first his messages saying he was coming to get it were apologetic, then matter of fact, now just no responses.  It's not a banger, it's an 8 year old BMW 1 Series, M Sport.  Has a couple of scratches and dings but otherwise fine.  I've put it into and it's saying £8k.

I want it off my drive now.  Obviously I don't have the keys or the logbook, and as it's on private land the police aren't going to be arsed.  When I call him there's no answer, and no response to messages.  

What would you do m8s?

Thanks Tromb, but it's been left in reverse gear and it's a decent old push to the road so I think I'd have to have a recovery truck come and move it, and can't be arsed with that.

I've checked with DVLA and it's taxed to September but MOT lapsed on 8 June.  That's just after he bought my car.  

If I reported a car without MOT to the Police they wouldn't be ar5ed if it's on private land with they?

It's a BMW. RWD. Lift back end, make it someone else's problem. If it's a 4WD road car then lift front wheels, put under plastic trays stolen from McDonald's, do as above with rear. 

This bloke is making a fool of you. Make him pay.

Just messaged him to say I was going to have to move it onto the lane, where it was likely to be reported as abandoned or stolen, and given it doesn't have any MOT is likely to be impounded.  Messaged back straight away saying he's on his way.  Let's see!"

are you sure he has not used that BMW as a getaway car for some crime or stashed drugs or used for other criminal activities? Now sitting on your door? Do what Trombs said. 

Sounds like the old car was nicked and you have facilitated money laundering. 

Eh?  How does that work?  He paid me money by bank transfer for my non-stolen car.  Even if the car he's just driven away was stolen, who has he sold it to when it was here for three weeks, to allow the proceeds to be included in the cash he paid me?  And how was I even remotely culpable even if it was?

Another grifting cunderthunt, leaning all aspects of a ropey life against each other and treading on others to make it through the day. 

Trombs’ machine gun advice notes are some of RoF’s finest. Bravo. 

I've a friend who parked her car in Limerick city once, went drinking and couldn't remember where she'd parked it when she went back to get it.  Just gave up looking and bought another.  

Had a friend who struggled off to university and is probably dead now. Got so many parking tickets and clamping fines after leaving his car place when he was drunk that he eventually just left it in the pound. 

Every well equipped fire engine has 4 liberated McD trays hidden away somewhere. Most often used on narrow roads with double parked cars that need moving quickly for access.

Sorry if I’m being slow here but does the Maccy Ds trick actually work?  Presume on tarmac only?

Turns out me and Mrs Face were both remotely aggressing him simultaneously. She’s looked him up on Facebook and threatened to call his employer who turns out not to be the garage.

No wonder the shady aunt didn’t knock on