Call for judges to learn emojis...

:) :) !!! 


because they contain innuendo, flirtation, drug deals, etc.  Apparently there's even an emoji for returning jihadi brides who have been refused entry to the country.…


"the aubergine, which is often used for flirtation"



Unfortunately the only emoji I use is :) (happy face).  And sometimes ;) if I have forgotten to press shift at the right moment.   I'm very disappointed that I have never had cause to send an aubergine to somebody.  I feel like I have missed something.


Oh, and I did go through a phase of sending a drawing of a monkey on a bicycle to people.  I did it a lot but still dont know how.

Sheriff X. lol.  Perhaps I am typing this on my laptop at a Sheriff Court, listening to some fun submissions about something.


Actually not.

I wonder who does.

Clergs - do you appear much at the Sheriff Courts?  Have been in quite a few, but am mainly Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I have only ever once actually appeared in court, thirders!

I have written some legislation but it has never been tested above tribunal :(

one day! although if it went beyond that maybe that would be a sign that it wasn't very good idk

Not on emoji but I once was in a case were the defendant (a celebrity) was on trial for threatening two delivery men’s life. After the “incident”, one of the delivery me text the other one saying “what a day LOL”. When the witness was questioned on whether LOL meant lots of love or laugh out loud, you just knew the case was hopeless. The judge was trying so hard not to laugh. 

Perhaps judges could use emojis at the end of judgments.

Write one of those decisions that could go either way, and then a happy face or sad face.

An angry face for assoilzie.  2 happy faces for a win with an uplift.

I find that the defendant is liable in negligence for the motor skills problems caused through the misuse of forceps at birth \smiley/

why did it have to do that and ruin it?  Ruin it I say.

not only did that not work, to my mind it appears suggestively naughty.

Recently I had to explain what bellend meant to a member of the judiciary