Bye bye Bernie

Thank fvck for that.

Whether or not you liked his policies, Bernie wasn't gonna win, was he?  

Will the Bernie bros now forgo their vote in sufficient numbers as they did last time, and hand Trump another term?

I think one term Donnie is toast after this one, so yes Sanders could have won, big time 

I don't know, DDK, even with an election, assuming that the virus crisis is over, I can see the American public being dumb enough to overlook how much the administration screwed up and reward Trump just for "getting them through it".

That would mean that there is no hope for this planet 

Trump will win a second term, have never doubted this

its a shame Biden has been revealed to be handsy, but so few men aren't 

DDK even with Donnie as the rep candidate Bernie wasn't going to win. You clearly have no understanding of the US.

I unterstand there are issues with immigration now, too many Mexicans at once

There was, initially, a massive upswing in the orange fool's favour on account of perceptions of his handling of the pandemic.  Which, if you have actual ears and actual eyes, and could hear and see the astonishingly stupidly wrongheaded things he did and said (i.e. pretty much everything that came out of his arsehole shaped mouth) is gobsmacking.

So, no, it wouldn't be a surprise if the Stupid's Army that elected him before, don't manage to keep his sorry, doughy arse in the job.

But, even if they don't, my worry is that, unless he loses bigly, if he only loses by a small margin, he and his cloven-hoofed acolytes, merrily aided by Putin et al, will happily foment discontent to the extent that things will go really, really bad in the good ole US of A.  Which, coming on the back of the economic sh1tstorm that must follow the lockdown, would land the whole world in a heap of trouble.

Whether or not you liked his policies, Bernie wasn't gonna win, was he?  

Will the Bernie bros now forgo their vote in sufficient numbers as they did last time, and hand Trump another term?

I love how the supposed logic of this crap only ever applies against the left. 

If Bernie loses it's because he's a bad candidate who people would never vote for. If Biden loses it's because those selfish Bernie Bros sulked and stayed at home. 

No election outcome can ever actually be the fault of the centrist. 


Biden is a weak and shit candidate. 

unless the vuvu kills all the stupid in America the ornage cunt will be back in office. 


I disagree, wibble - I don't think he is either sh1t or weak (although the age seems to be starting to show, which is worrying).  I think that he is clearly capable and knowledgeable, but he is nothing particular to any great degree, if you know what I mean.  I think it may be enough that enough people are tired of this game of "disruption" that they all told themselves that they were playing when they elected FatHead Cheetoface, that Biden's not very electrifying stability wins the day - especially if Trump continues to demonstrate his increasing actual mentalness in the daily briefings he insists on giving... 

I think (hope!) that the damage that Biden et al could not do to his image, the grotesque orange gargoyle is doing very effectively to himself, and they will be desperate for a "leader" who, at least, seems to understand that he's not playing the part of the jock in a frat house comedy.

"No election outcome can ever actually be the fault of the centrist. "

I preferred the policies of Bernie on the environment and healthcare, and find Biden uninspiring, but the polling and voting by American voters were certainly not going Bernie's way. 

Dems can languish in a Conrbinista style reality distortion field and spend four more years watching the world burn while abdicating responsibility, or they can vote to stop the worst of it all.  

Bernie has done his job, which is move the Democrats (fairly significantly) to the left - that’s clearly what he wanted to do and what he has succeeded in doing. 

but he could never be a credible presidential candidate. If you listen to him speak (and he is a very good speaker) his only response to any question is to hammer on about economic inequality. That’s ultimately his only answer - not just on healthcare and college tuition, but also on race relations or foreign policy. 

now I don’t totally disagree. But that makes him an activist, not a leader. I rate Greta Thunberg and agree with a lot of what she says, but I wouldn’t want her put in charge of a G7 country and I’d wager neither would the majority of voters. 

Some people are expecting a late entry into the race by Andrew Cuomo. Can't see it myself, but certainly one to watch in 4 (or 8) years' time.

Btw, I heard that Bernie's real bro lives somewhere in Oxfordshire and is some sort of local councillor there. Any one know if that is true?

Biden’s increasing mental frailty will become very clear during the campaign and become overwhelming when it’s too late for the Dems to substitute another realistic candidate. 

Following the UK, US chooses the wrong leader.

If only Corbyn had stuck to his Brexit values.

When the Murdoch empire is against you, you are probably a decent leader.

Bernie would have been good.

A populist "socialist" (heh) environmentalist is exactly what America needs. Trump did his bit by breaking the Establishment's grip on power, but now they need someone more sensible and centre-left to move the country forward.

Biden's just another Establishment stooge. 

Lets see who Binden picks as running mate, I hope one of the left wing women.  He's got one term written all over him so the VP will be important

Gotta be Occassional Cortex or one of the squad. C'mon, Joe, you can DO this. 

If Trump looks even close to losing later in the year he will find a way to shut the election down (Vu related). The US is in significant danger of destroying their democracy. I don't think this is even mildly hysterical as even a cursory study of history shows this sort of thing happening quite frequently, albeit not to the major superpower.