Buzzwords you’re sick of hearing
a perfectly no… 09 Apr 20 05:42
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“social distancing”

fuck off with this shite

its an oxymoron, for one thing

yes, it should be “physical distancing”, if anything

cos we’re doing our best not to be socially distant while remaining physically distant

"Superspreader" - sounds like something from Pornhub.

superspreader sounds like a marketing name for an innovative kind of peanut butter 

"fighter" / "beating".

You don't fight the Covey, you don't beat it.  It suggests a weakness or personal failing in those who don't come out the other side.  This is something that happens to your body, and maybe you don't die.

If you cross a busy road wearing a blindfold you haven't "beaten cars" - you've been extraordinarily lucky, but you should have stayed at home.  

or just taken off the blindfold

staying at home is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut there