businesses you cannot understand

for me it is comms businesses that seem to employ dozens of people to give "PR strategy" advice to law firms

I mean what?


also the employees are all 12 (the MD is 15) and how tf do they know anything?

They don’t, they use buzzwords and sell snake oil.


I will heh this despite it not being in the spirit of things

I think the MD of the company I am looking at probably rakes it in

for what!

they also have a french office

I thought the french were better than that

The assorted youngsters on LinkedIn who off me their services to coach me for success, etc.  They seem to have no prior experience of business or being an entrepreneur and seem to have no understanding of my business given that they are offering me coaching.

yeah the absolute hubris

there does seem to be a kind of lawyer who is totally suspecptible to this tho

maybe we should stfu and hop on the money train

Bed shops.

How many beds do they actually sell a week to be able to be profitable?

Of all indoor products, beds probably take up the most room so you need larger and therefore more expensive premises to display them and then a decent sized van and probably two staff to deliver them.

It's a once a decade type product so even with massive mark ups you're hardly going to get rich on repeat customers.


I call you on bed shops and raise you sofa shops

And anything to do with Bitcoin etc

PR services to law firms can be summed up quite easily:


Trying to convince people that the partners are not a bunch of soulless, empathy-free, money-driven cunts.

Next.  If you want to dress in 100% nylon, get off your arse and go to TK Maxx.

I dont really shop anywhere other than b&q or the butchers tbf

Vom Fass Vinegars

Mobile petrol filling

mobile bin "sanitising"

I've never seen a mobile petrol filler but I'd definitely pay for that

All those halal chicken/kebab shops on london high streets. Do they really sell enough food every day to pay rent, wages, stock? Surely they can't all be money laundering fronts or drug dealer HQs. I don't understand how they are a viable business.

Jubilee, I ask myself the same question all the time . In my neck of the woods there must be 50 fast food joints in under a mile circumference, along with dozens of barbers and nail shops.

they must be money laundering....