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There's some suggestion this Republican chap Weld who's challenging Trump comes from a good family (if such a concept exists in America). Are the United States Welds related to the Welds of Lulworth?

Interesting. In the past primary challenges to incumbent Presidents (think Kennedy on Johnson, Reagan on Ford, Kennedy on Carter, Buchanan on Bush) have resulted in one term Presidencies for the incumbent.

The problem this time, for those of us who'd like to see the back of Trump and his embarrassing White House, is the Democrats seem to be insistent on not backing the one man guaranteed to beat him - Joe Biden - and instead go for some niche candidate who will repulse most of those who favoured Trump over Hillary in 2016.

The Americans invent (as a rule) their ancestry. The Bouvier family did, one of whose daughters married John F Kennedy. As for the Kennedys, Joe was a bootlegger with Mafia connections.

no clear link but they both apparently claim descent from eadric the wild

if it’s true, given that (I am assuming) the original american lot were fierce protestants, the romantic conclusion would be an interfamilial sectarian division, when you think how famously recusant the british lot were

Think you're muddling him up with Tony Curtis , Baron of the Black Shield of Falworth

'Yodder lye the Kassel of moi Fadder'

Dux fighting against the elite and using the term ‘good family’.