BST - if you're still on ROF....
Staines-Upon-Thames 09 Jul 19 13:48
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Please would you recommend an employment lawyer? About an "acting-up" allowance for me.

For a brief moment I wondered why you think that a Korean boyband would be on this board.

Korean boy band = BTS.

Not to be confused with BST, who used to post here. And might still do.

Now that you've read my post, please would you be able to provide a recommendation? Thank you, perf porp.

Perf porp, do you think I'm being avaricious? I only want an allowance for a few months for doing a senior manager's job.

I always knew him as BST.

He was GMT in the winter!

Where is he now?????????????????? Please tell me.

dude, you're a lawyer? please don't hire an employment lawyer to deal with your own salary negotiations; you'll make yourself look like you can't negotiate. If you're the person who was posting about acting up a few weeks back, it should be pretty straightforward but I seem to recall that you were benchmarking yourself against the person going on leave who's been doing the job for years & years, rather than someone going in fresh to the job.

No, I haven't posted for months, that wasn't me.

I am not a lawyer, I'm a tax adviser.

I'm not good at negotiating!