Britney Spears
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Has apparently been under house arrest at the whim of her father since 2008 - WTF?

Still HAWT btw

"A judge approved the request on Monday, appointing Britney's care-giver, Jodi Montgomery, as his replacement."



It seems absolutely nuts - bad enough that such a draconian order was imposed on the basis of a single incident in which she was a bit under the influence, but it's stayed in place 11 years during which she's successfully run a showbiz career, all the while the law pretending that she's not competent to look after her own affairs, and denying her basic rights. I'm sorry but it's more than time to #FreeBritney

On the contrary, she should be moved to the high security facility in my cellar.

Her dad looks like this raucous Irish-American bloke I know who somehow went from being a bricklayer to being an expat high school teacher seemingly without gaining any qualifications, his only real source of expertise being where to find the dodgiest hooker bars in any asian city.

let's cut to the chase.

Natalia Imbruglia, that lass from Republika and 2/3 of Destiny's Child

Britney has well known and serious mental health issues which include severe bi polar disorder. 

It’s a lot more than just having once been under the influence. 

Dude I have like JUST realised you r swing rather than Laz.  Mea culpa.

Heh @ Scylla.

Loads of people have bipolar disorder. They don’t end up getting legally treated as children for eleven years of their adult lives. And yes, it has all literally been hung off that one incident.

FREE BRITNEY she is under unjust confinement.

Erm... Britney hasn't asked to be freed.

From her point of view it means boyfriends can't get their claws into her money and her life is less complicated.

I suspect her issues are less with her dad than with the baby daddy who gets millions in support from her.


Exactly Dog. She is being shielded from predatory males

Normally you shield heiresses wealth from predators with a trust

But since she earned the money herself, the father has quite rightly got a court order


FedEx played a blinder.

i love me some Britneys down the rub a dub.

"it has all literally been hung off that one incident"


I thought she did it again.