Bristol is properly busy now

Traffic, people, construction. Almost feels like Covid never happened.

Arent the council artificially upping the traffic congestion by closing down half the roads?

You can say that again boner, I had to take a picture earlier it was such a scene


Probably, also fewer people on public transport no doubt, but still.

Footfall in Cabot must be pretty much back to pre-Covid levels I reckon.

I guess the veganism, socialism bordering on anarchism and right-on cultural views protect Bristolians from the virus?

Judging by how many places we couldn't book a table at online for tonight, Bristol remains busy 

restaurants near me are all operating a reduced capacity and you cannot get  table Thursday through Sunday.  While eat out to help out was somewhat contradictory it really did seem to kick start going back to restaurants again not just for the month in operation, so, on reflection, probably one of the governments better moves.

Good? Or good luck? Although here it goes in that direction, with masks, restaurants half busy 

For you? Good luck

For any normal person 'probably one of the Government's better moves'

Bristol is ace. It has replaced Wandsworth as the UKs foremost repository of cunts, allowing you to immediately identify someone as a cunt as soon as they say they live in Bristol. 

The only disappointment was that they wouldn’t take our African American Express card...

Does living in Hengrove also make you a cunt? Or is it just BS1 and 2?

 I don’t know what a Hengrove is but I’m sure it’s fine

Does anyone live in BS1 and BS2?

classic Bs6 chat 

Actually Hengrove sounds like an estate that the baddies in the Bill used to live on

I don't know if you think the numbers on Bristol postcodes are analogous to London tube zones or what, but BS6 is the nice bits. The trendy nice bits anyway. We don't live there tho 

Bs1 and 2 is full of trainees and young professionals living on the harbourside and behind temple meads HTH. 

BS8 is extremely popular especially for those who aren’t considered locals .

Too much BS on this thread, for sure

  • The BBC needs to bring out a series on young estate agents. 
  • Strictly Clifton.

There's a lot of postcode snobbery in Bristol, to the extent that, for example, if you live on the "wrong" (BS10) side of Falcondale Road your house is probably worth a third less than if it were on the "right" (BS9) side.

The most hehsome thing is that there's a Facebook group called "BS9 mums". 

Presumably - never been on it but I can just imagine the types of people on there.

Bristol is probably the most socially divided city in the UK, which is why postcodes are so important.

It's interesting Guy.  I don't know a lot about it, but I think historically the Council basically housed people (social housing, asylum etc) quite often by race.  Bristol on paper is very diverse, but you could go to Uni there and work at a law firm there and barely ever come across any non-white people. 

Indeed although I think it is as much to do with class than race.   You can live is BS6, BS8 and most of  B9 (combined a pretty large area) and barely be aware poor or working class people exist.   I can think of no other British city with such a large almost exclusively middle class area

My sister used to live there and teach in a local infant school.  She had a torrid time of it because hardly any of the kids had English as a first language, and tbf her Urdu could be better.  

My overwhelming impression of Bristol is that it is very hilly.

BS3 is the more realistic option for reasonably affluent young people without benefit of family wealth.


Don't know many youngish lawyers who can buy decent property in and around Clifton, Redland, Cotham etc solely on own income.

Even the "poorer" areas of Bristol are pretty racially segregated. E.g. Bedminster -overwhelmingly white, Lawrence Hill - high proportion of Somalis.