For Brexiteers to ponder


"China + EU" = 40% of the market.

US only 20% so has to be their bitch if they gang up.

I am loving the rabid brexiter farmers up in arms about their wheat getting slapping 100 notes of tarrif/ton 

Does Strutter get a little text from Donald Tusk every time his beloved EU is mentioned on RoF?

I love the government coming up with the biggest change to trading conditions since the repeal of the corn laws  with a few scribbles on the back of a fag packet with no consultation whatsoever.

Daddy, daddy - why does control taste like rat cooked over an open fire?

Shut up and eat so you can stand guard while I have my dinner.

Yes, I do actually believe that no deal brexit will reduce us to semi feral scavengers in a matter of months.

Ya great galoot 

Given your Europhiliac tendencies, it's hard to tell tbf. 

Your inability to see a joke when it is staring you in the face were already obvious given your views on JRM.

I mean, you say semi feral scavengers Strutts, and I hear "biggest leap in living standard for 100 years"

maybe this brexit thing is not too bad