Brexiteers ordered to pay £90k to Chris Packham

"He explains that CSM was set up as an online magazine in 2016 by him and two other “Brexiteers” to illuminate what they perceived as the injustice of the undemocratic positions taken by some “Remainers” at that time, and to partake in the campaign to see through the national referendum result, using “the cloak of the Brexit-voting ‘countryside’ to help achieve its aims”.

jmt worth a read - judge obviously didn't think much of D1 and D2

Chris Packham isn't "an arse". He has Asperger's which his detractors can't cope with because he cannot dance around topics in a British way that makes it easy to play the man not the ball, and tells the unvarnished truth. It's problematic for disingenous aunts whose actual rationale for things is "I like doing them and don't want to change." 

my view is that if you're down with carole you should be equally down the CSM people who by the same merits won their case.


personally i think this lot were arses and so was carole.