Brexiteers only

Which Remainer politicians/commentators do you really r8?


1 Kenneth Clarke

2 Carole Cadwallr

3 Layla Moran

4 Hillary Benn

5 Er…the Dalai Lama?


“Mother” Teresa May

She’s trolled so hard that the uk will never leave

Layla Moran? Next you'll be telling us you really r8 that Jess Phillips.

Owen Jones is interesting, if only that he didn't jump on the metropolitan New Labour bandwagon after the ref like the Guardian's other columnists.

Phillips is ghastly. Hardly in the same league, old boy. Layla's an Old Girl of Roedean.

Owen Jones is not remotely New Labour. He is constantly telling us to ignore Brexit and focus on Corbyn's socialist paradise instead. I believe he used to work for John MacDonald. I would question whether he is a remainer at all.

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What Diablo said about Owen Jones.

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I never said Jones was New Labour. That he isn't makes a refreshing change from the Guardian's other columnists.

Hardly in the same league, old boy. Layla's an Old Girl of Roedean.

Layla physically attacked her partner, got arrested and blamed the victim. The Lib Dems think that is absolutely fine however because she is a) a women and b) wants to stoopppp Brexiiiitt!

3-ducks28 Jun 19 13:38

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Fair play, Hunt seems alright.


You've got to seriously question the character of someone who was pro-Remain and who has now embraced Quitting so much that they are vying to become the PM to implement Quitting even on a no-deal basis.

It suggest either:

  1. he will do anything to gain power; or
  2. he genuinely believes Remain was wrong, he has seen the error of his ways and is now a convert to Quitting because, as is a PM's primary duty, he believes doing so is in the best interests of the country. 

1 is fairly frightening as his thirst for power comes before what is best for the country. 2 suggests a serious lack of judgement.

PS. I'll pre-empt any smartarse who cries, "3. Hez respeckin d'mockrissy"- no he's not. I know we're in a post-liberal world where populism is in vogue, but Hunt has sat around the Cabinet for 9 years. As a former Health Sec and current Foreign Sec he knows more than most the cost to the country Quitting will entail. It's the PMs role to act in the best interests of the country, not to bow to the latest populist trend.

" post-liberal world where populism is in vogue"

Yeah, those pesky Athenians invented it, damn them.

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Hunt, like Boris and Liz Truss, will go whichever way the wind is blowing. Hunt and Truss both backed remain because they thought the balance of power in the Tory Party lay with remainers. After the referendum, both were obliged to become born again Brexiters in order to safeguard their career prospects within the Tory Party.

Both Hunt and Johnson are entirely unfit to run the country.  The only good thing is that being PM is as close to  a dead cert poisoned chalice as you will get - the PM that gets to destroy the party and fvck up the country.    Why anyone wants the job at the moment is beyond me.

3-ducks28 Jun 19 16:02



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" post-liberal world where populism is in vogue"

Yeah, those pesky Athenians invented it, damn them.

point of order: those pesky athenians (and in particular their friendly metics) were highly critical of populism, they liked functionin democracy

plato himself basically wrote about precisely about BoJo when he highlighted the huge problems with demagogues, though of course he was one of those not really a fan of democracy