Brexit vox pops on Today

Only caught a minute or so of this. Sounded like Dartford.

”Why are they making it hard for us to leave?”

Diddums. Why do you make it so hard to join your “community”?

I heard a bit if that and they were terrifyingly uninformed.  

None if them knew that “no deal” meant crashing out on 29 march.  

One of them said that boris johnson would have been the best choice of person to negotiate with the EU.  

One of them said that if the UK had just “turned our back” the other 27 would have come running after us offering stuff. 

Complete fucking idiots, God help them in the real world

Now TMPM herself is on. FFS.

Ahm ooot.

This is one of the reasons why I dont want another ref.

to be fair, they wouldn't call it "no deal" on the ballot

a reminder that jargon is super damaging

I think what to out on the ballot paper will be a huge challenge. Remember how immediately after June 2016 the most searched term on google uk was “EU”? And that was with a turnout of over 72%.


What you do in negotiations, yeah, is you go in the room, yeah, and turn your back on them and walk off, yeah, then they come running cuz they want us to buy their wines, cars and cheese and stuff. Not much difference to want Lord Farage was arguing during the referendum.

The solution is simple.

No deal should not be an option on the ballot paper.

It should be a straightforward choice between the deal that is on the table, or remaining.

If necessary, Dominic Raab, Boris Johnson and Dangerous Davis should be given free rein to go back to the EU and try to negotiate the Brexitiest Brexit imaginable without Theresa May's involvement so no one can say they weren't given a chance.

This is what I keep saying about the chunks of society who don't watch TV news and don't read a paper and form their views from what some bloke told them down the pub and what someone on Gogglebox said.  I reckon if you show half the Boris supporters a photo of him they'll realise they've confused him with Farage or someone else.