Brexit Stalemjate is Condorcet's Paradox in Action

We were offered an in/out referendum and that is what we got.

I was and am still a Remain voter but I get really annoyed with all this no mandate for no deal/ leave never meant no deal malarkey; there is one fact here which is we voted Leave and 100% of the rest is supposition and hot air, presented as fact.

which is why is is cataclysmic for Remain; the referendum result does not leave any wriggle room. That is what TM meant when, in the days immediately after the Ref, she said Brexit means Brexit.

On that basis, Minkie, we should have immediately pursued an EEA type deal on the basis that it was the only option which respects both the result of the referendum and the GFA, and leave voters should just have to lump it. 

EEA/EFTA would have been the best option IMO but we are where we are.

Arrow's Impossibility Theorem is another interesting illustration of the difficulty of collective decision making.  The proof was probably the most elegant I studied at university (I certainly don't have the brains to appreciate it now!)

So, what Arrow's theorem really shows is that any majority-wins electoral system is a non-trivial game, and that game theory should be used to predict the outcome of most voting mechanisms.[12] This could be seen as a discouraging result, because a game need not have efficient equilibria; e.g., a ballot could result in an alternative nobody really wanted in the first place, yet everybody voted for.

Perhaps an argument for checks and balances, and the ability to change one's mind!