Is Brexit really just a figleaf hiding the fact most in the Union want to break up the Union?

Reckon if it were ever put to each of the respective countries from now, Scotland and England would both vote massively to go their separate ways. Not sure on Wales or NI.

Scotland and Wales would be split almost 50/50, England would deffo vote to leave (maybe 60/40). Northern Ireland would obviously vote to stay.



Every single internal devolution referendum presented tot eh coutry has been utterly rejected 


The Brexit referndum results is the removal of the fig leaf hiding the nation's contempt for the monster that the EC has become.

As someone who lives one side of the border, often works the other and has family on both sides I really don't want an independent Scotland and the break up of the union.

Add to that the SNP being a pack of jokers when it comes to actually running the country.